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July 1, 2013

Agnieszka Radwanska


A. RADWANSKA/T. Pironkova
4‑6, 6‑3, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  You're the highest seed left.  Is it yours to win?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Well, yeah, I saw that actually a few minutes ago.  But I think it doesn't mean anything, especially here.  So many weird scores.

Q.  Why do you think that's happened this year?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  That's a good question.  I think everybody asking the same thing.
Well, I think, you know, on the grass always we can see some different scores than on other surface.  There are some players not top 10, top 20, playing really good tennis on the grass.  That's why we can see the top players are out even in the first week.

Q.  Given the results on the men's side today, it's a very big day for Polish tennis.  I wondered if you could tell us a little bit about your feelings.
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Yes, I was watching a little bit before I came on court.  Of course, I think this is a huge day for Polish tennis, especially in the men's tour.
You know, Polish quarterfinals at Wimbledon, it never happened that before.  So, uhm, yeah, now we're going to enjoy a Polish match.

Q.  Do you have any plans to do anything together?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Yeah, I didn't see them yet.
Well, I think, you know, they have really nothing to lose.  For sure that will be very good match.  If I'm going to have a chance, I'll watch for sure.

Q.  Do you feel any extra pressure being the highest seed left?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Not really.  I mean, there's still a lot of players playing really great tennis over there.  So I think, you know, every match is different story.  Doesn't matter what ranking they having.

Q.  Li Na up next.  What do you know about her?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Well, we play couple times against each other.  I think a lot of times.  Twice in Australia, and even here on grass once a few years ago.
Well, another good match.  And, you know, always good and long, tight matches.  Definitely I will have to play aggressive and really good tennis to beat her.

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