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June 30, 2013

Gareth Shaw


Q.  When you bogeyed the first two holes today, what was in your head?
GARETH SHAW:  Par the next.  Got up the green and to putted.  Got off to a shaky stat, missed a short putt and then hit a great pitch shot and on 2, hit a poor wedge shot, spun it back off the green and missed another putt.  But steadied the ship and pitched in on 4 and that changed my outlook I suppose, my confidence, my belief, just momentum.  It really shifted momentum.

Q.  And you played the last 16 at 5‑under, which in these conditions, you must be very pleased with?
GARETH SHAW:  Yeah, I'm delighted.  Obviously I eagled 13, is it, the driver I hit on the middle of the green there, I hit a good tee shot and held about a 45‑footer and that was a real bonus.
It was the first long putt I held all week and going into those final five holes, the wind off the left, getting gusty, it steadied the ship and gave me a bit of breathing space, so delighted, absolutely.

Q.  Massive step for you in your career, prospect now if you can stay in the Top‑10, a place in France next week?
GARETH SHAW:  Yeah, that was the goal I suppose going out.  After the first two holes, it was like, go on, just make it respectable and just kept going and going and it just got good.  Delighted how I handled myself, the crowd, first experience.  Yeah, absolutely buzzing.

Q.  Irish Open for the first time as a professional?

Q.  What's your feelings about playing in that now?
GARETH SHAW:  Yeah, it's great.  It's great to be here.  It's where I'm working hard to get here and where I feel I belong and this is the case‑‑ the margins of where I'm playing on The Challenge Tour and the main tour, a few breaks here and there and a bit of luck along the way.  It's good incentive, you know.

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