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June 30, 2013

Robert Rock


Q.  All told, you're a happy man, aren't you?
ROBERT ROCK:  It's as good as I've done in a while, yes.  But when you're that close, you want to win.
But Paul played the better golf around the important part of the day, 8, 9, 10 and 11 where the rain came down.  There were some shots I should have played better; things to work on.  But yeah, he played great.

Q.  That putt at the last was terrific for you.
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, two birdies to finish was an attempt to put some pressure on him, but I don't think he noticed.  He was in control, and, yeah, also to get me a decent finish.  I wanted to at least finish second if I can.

Q.  This tournament has been kind to you in a sense.
ROBERT ROCK:  It's been very good to me financially if nothing else.  Yeah, it's a great event.  Love playing it.
My game's great, apart from 50‑, 60‑yard pitch shots, needs some work, but everything is good.

Q.  The winner, great to see?
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, absolutely.  He's one of The European Tour's main stars, this is his 12th or 13th title, something like that, and that's pretty good, isn't it.  Known Paul for a long while, so happy to see him winning again, because he's had a few injury problems and stuff.  We discussed that on the way around and he's come through like he should do.

Q.  You seemed to be having a nice conversation at the end, as well?
ROBERT ROCK:¬† Yeah, he helped me‑‑ well, obviously he didn't really mean to, but I watched his putt pretty closely as it went towards the hole and was hoping it would go in but it ran straight past my marker and I had to watch and it went right‑to‑left and I didn't think mine would do that.¬† Probably saved me a few pounds.

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