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June 30, 2013

Peter Lawrie


Q.  When you look back at this and the way this tournament turned out with the weather not being exactly right, out on the course, does it feel like a successful Irish Open?
PETER LAWRIE:¬† Massively, I really do.¬† The way they set up the golf course has been tremendous.¬† They just let us play golf and they have shown this golf course it's true‑‑ how good it is.¬† It's a wonderful golf course.¬† You just keep out of the bunkers, greens have been spectacular and galleries have been spectacular.¬† All in all, I think it's been a very successful Irish Open.

Q.  You punched the air when you holed that putt on the 18th; what did it mean to you to break par today?
PETER LAWRIE:¬† I was delighted to be honest with you. ¬†Conditions were very difficult out there.¬† They tucked away a few flags today, so it made scoring quite difficult.¬† But we had a real squally shower there, 17 and 18, had a good chance on 17, so I would have been disappointed not to finish 1‑under for the last two, so delighted to finish 1‑under for the day.

Q.  Terrific weekend, you just got in under the cut line and 67,71, you're obviously playing very well?
PETER LAWRIE:  I've been playing nicely.  Just one or two breaks going anyway today.  Today was much better.  Fewer bogeys on my card than the last couple of days, not enough birdies, but in general, the golf game, it's nice at the moment.

Q.  What about Carton House, it got its usual share of wind, rain, etc., but what do the players think of it?
PETER LAWRIE:¬† I think the players are very impressed.¬† The setup of the golf course this week has been tremendous.¬† They have got the rough back and it's let us play golf.¬† It's let us play, you know what I mean, hitting a lot of good shots, even out of the rough and I think that's what the galleries wanted.¬† 20‑under is not going to win it; it's going to be about 13 or 14‑under.¬† It's exactly what the tournament wanted and what the players wanted.
I go to Paris next week and then The Scottish Open, and hopefully I play well in either to get into the British Open.

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