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June 30, 2013

Jodi Ewart Shadoff


Q.テつ How difficult was it out there this week, the conditions and the course?
JODI EWART SHADOFF:テつ It was really difficult.テつ The wind was a huge factor.テつ And the greens with the wind is just, you know, you've really got to be on point with your ball striking.テつ So probably one of the most difficult golf courses I've played out on Tour.

Q.テつ You played with Inbee yesterday and she's four ahead right now.テつ Can you talk about her game and make playing with her that would have led you to believe she was going to go 8‑under here this week?
JODI EWART SHADOFF:テつ I mean, everybody talks about her putting, but it is‑‑ I definitely compare myself ball striking, off the tee, tee to green, you know, I'm up there with the best in the world.テつ But her putting, she has just got one up on everybody else.テつ It's definitely made the difference here and every other tournament.

Q.テつ Talk about your play today.テつ You know, was it more difficult today than yesterday or was it gettable?
JODI EWART SHADOFF:テつ I think the wind was in the slight different direction today.テつ It was playing slightly different the past three days.テつ Obviously there's a couple of Sundays pins out there that were rather difficult too.テつ But overall I think it was gettable, and I just got off to a slow start.テつ I shot myself in the foot right from the get‑go.
This golf course will beat you to your knees if you don't, you know, get going quick and I definitely didn't get going quick today.

Q.テつ Would you rank this course as one of the tougher ones you've played?
JODI EWART SHADOFF:テつ Yeah, definitely on Tour, throughout the season I think it's one of the most difficult, as so it should be being the U.S. Open.

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