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June 30, 2013

Brittany Lang


Q.  Overall, how did you feel?
BRITTANY LANG:  I played really well today.  I didn't make many putts.  I hit it great.  Again, I had a lot of chances and I really didn't make the putts like I made Friday and Saturday.  But I don't think the course was playing that difficult today.

Q.  Sort of fun to play with your fellow Brittany.  You guys have known each other for such a long time just to have a final round together?
BRITTANY LANG:  I was really pleased.  I played with her Saturday and Sunday.  I love Brittany to death.  She's a really good friend of mine.  She'll be in my wedding in January.
And she is always a blast because she has such a good attitude and spirit, so it kind of makes you have the same.  I'm always so happy to play with her.

Q.  You guys have a month and a half before Solheim.  Can you talk about the stretch leading up, there are a couple more events and another major before Solheim Cup?
BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah, for me especially, you know, I haven't played great this year.  I haven't gotten many points.  I've been working really hard.  And yeah, I've kind of put a lot of pressure on myself for these events to ‑‑ you know, you get double points for the Solheim and the major.  I've been working extremely hard to get back there because I very much want to be on that team.
Like you said, this is a huge stretch starting in Arkansas with the British and the Open, so you need to be focus and ready for the challenges.

Q.  I know it's a little ways off, but your thoughts on playing in St. Andrews again for the British and how special is just that whole environment?
BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah, I love going to play the British.  It's a very, very different style of golf.  You really have to learn how to play it.  We don't learn that over here in the U.S.  It's so firm and so many different shots.  I always look forward to it.  It's fun.  Kind of a crazy week.  You get weird bounces.  But I always look forward to playing in it.

Q.  Obviously it's an individual sport, but the spotlight on the U.S. women, you think about the Americans.  How are the Americans doing?
BRITTANY LANG:  I think they are doing good.  I saw a lot of American flags up there on the leaderboards these last couple of days, which is good.  I don't know if one of them is good to win, but there is a lot up there, which is a start, which is good.  I know the girls are working hard and they want to represent the United States well, but obviously they need to work a little bit harder.

Q.  We need to adopt Inbee?
BRITTANY LANG:  That's exactly right.  Go over to Korea and practice with her.

Q.  Can you put into context what Inbee is doing?  I mean, 10‑under, would you even have thought at the beginning of the week that could be achieved?
BRITTANY LANG:  If there was no wind, yes, absolutely.  But with the two days of strong wind, no way.  I would have never guessed that.
Like I said, today I didn't think it played that tough.  Thursday didn't play that tough.  Friday and Saturday played tough, so being 10‑under is quite an achievement.

Q.  People talked about the last time a player has won three major in a row.  Can you believe someone could potentially do it today?
BRITTANY LANG:  That is unbelievable, yeah, but you know, she's played so good for so many years, so consistently that, I mean, yes, it is hard to believe because you have got to peak at all those times.  But she wins all the time anyway, so obviously she knows how to control that.
I guess it's not that shocking being Inbee just because what she's done these last three years.

Q.  Players like Annika I would have thought the same thing.  Yani, I would have thought the same thing.  It's so hard like you said.  Annika did the first two and then couldn't really do it at the Women's Open.  They're different types of courses, the major venues.  Is there something about Inbee's game that you could kind of relate to her, how she is doing this?
BRITTANY LANG:  Well, I mean, she plays good everywhere.  Like I said, yesterday she hits it straight and long.  She is one of the best putters I've ever seen hands down.  That is where it's at.  If you are hitting the ball straight and making putts, she doesn't miss.  She is just an unbelievable putter and green reader too, obviously.  But it doesn't surprise me that she is doing this, no.

Q.  I know this is way in the future.  Next year this event is going to back to back with the men's Open at Pinehurst No. 2.  What are you thoughts on what that's going to be like to both be at Pinehurst and then go back to back with the men?
BRITTANY LANG:  I don't know how that course is going to wear.  That is going to be very tricky.  I will definitely be on the couch watching the whole week to learn, kind of like my practice round.  But I think the course will take a little bit of beating in the heat there with all that play, so I'm anxious to see what they do and how much they are watering.

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