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June 29, 2013

Kimiko Date Krumm


S. WILLIAMS/K. Date‑Krumm
6‑2, 6‑0

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ It was your first time playing Serena.テつ What was it like?テつ Was it what you thought it would be like?
KIMIKO DATE‑KRUMM:テつ Of course, she is most strong women's player.テつ Then she has a good serve.
Today, when I tried to return, it's very difficult to where she hit, T or wide, it's very difficult to see.
Then normally I have good return, compared to myself, but her serve, it's too good.テつ So very difficult to return.
Of course, when I hit serve, even my fast serve, she hit down the line.テつ It's very difficult situation.テつ She has so much power, speed.テつ She has everything.テつ So it was not easy.
But I try my best.テつ I had some good point when I can go to the net.テつ I hope I can play one more time on the hard court in the future somewhere.

Q.テつ Is there ever any time when you feel like there's any hope when you're playing with her type of game?
KIMIKO DATE‑KRUMM:テつ No, no one.テつ I think she's very special, because when I see her serve, I cannot see the bad things.テつ It's always consistent and always high percentage of first serves in.テつ It's so difficult to find out compared to other players.
I think she's very, very special, yeah.

Q.テつ What's the key to staying fit enough to continue playing at age 42?
KIMIKO DATE‑KRUMM:テつ First point, I think I have a special body compared to other 42‑years‑old ladies.テつ I must say thank you to my parents, because I have not big injury in my life, no surgery for my life.テつ So I have a strong body, I think.
Especially when I talk to my generation player, Lindsay, Mary Joe, of course Steffi Graf, Monica, everybody say, Oh, I have little bit shoulder pain, I have knee problem, something like that.テつ But I have no problem.テつ Everything's fine.テつ So I have very, very lucky.
But, of course, I eat healthy food.テつ I always thinking how to recovery in my body.テつ When I was young, even during the tournament, I have energy for the shopping.テつ But now I have no energy for that.テつ So always I staying home.テつ When I can sleep, always I sleep.テつ Last night I slept nine hours.
I woke up 8:00 in the morning, but I tried to sleep one more time because I wanted to sleep nine hours.テつ So I tried to sleep nine hours.テつ So I woke up 9:45 today.

Q.テつ What do you think about Croatian female and male tennis players?テつ Who was your favorite players in the history?
KIMIKO DATE‑KRUMM:テつ My idol was Navratilova when I was young.テつ When I start on the tour, where I turned the professional, of course Steffi Graf.テつ It's more strong.テつ Navratilova also I like, but Steffi is more like‑‑ because I cannot beat Navratilova.テつ All the time I cannot do the serve and volley.
Steffi is more staying in the baseline and sometime she going to the net.
Both of these womens was my idol.

Q.テつ Did you like any Croatian players?
KIMIKO DATE‑KRUMM:テつ Croatia, sorry.テつ Of course, Iva Majoli, yes, always when I see her.テつ Always a good friends.テつ Always talking.テつ This week also when I see her, always talking to her.
Yeah, of course, we were same generation.テつ She's younger than me, but we play together many years.

Q.テつ What do you think about Croatian players today?
KIMIKO DATE‑KRUMM:テつ Today?テつ Hmm.テつ Who is Croatian players?

Q.テつ (Indiscernible.)
KIMIKO DATE‑KRUMM:テつ She's 16.テつ Very young.テつ Yes, she has so much talent.テつ I think she's coming easily to more higher ranking.テつ Yeah, she has so much potential.

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