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June 29, 2013

Samantha Stosur


S. LISICKI/S. Stosur
4‑6, 6‑2, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  How did you see that then?  Disappointing obviously.
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, sure.  But, yeah, I mean, it was one of those matches where there was just not a lot in it.  I played a great first set.  Couldn't have been happier with the way that set went.
Then it was just a couple points here and there.  That last service game in the second set I probably should have come in and hit a drop volley off one of those serves that I hit.  Then before you know it you're back at deuce and she hits a good shot and the set is over.
I think early in that third set it was kind of the same.  It was a point here and a point there on those game points for me where you just don't hit the right volley or you miss a forehand, and then all of a sudden you're down a break and it's hard to get a break back when she's playing like that.
But I gave myself lots of opportunities but just wasn't able to get one of them.

Q.  Given how well you've been playing you must be disappointed.  Did some part of you fancy getting into the next round?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Sure.  I mean, I would have loved an opportunity to play in the fourth round.  You know, at least today, again, I have to be happy with the way I played overall.
Like I said, there was a couple points here and there in that match and maybe it's a different story.  I know 6‑2, 6‑1 doesn't look that close, but I think a lot of those games were.
So as disappointing as it is, I have to say this is probably the best I've felt walking away from Wimbledon.

Q.  You'll probably disagree with this.  You talked earlier in the tournament about how you were making yourself play more aggressively on grass.  It looked like today sometimes you were almost having to force yourself to attack and get to the net.
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, when you're playing someone like her, she's trying to do the exact same back at you with probably, you know, a bit more firepower.  I hit the ball pretty hard, and she almost takes it that next step.
A couple times for sure she comes at you and almost the only thing you should do or can do is really try and go straight back at her.  It's hard when it's coming that fast sometimes.
You do have to force yourself to do that, but I knew today taking a step back and trying to roll the ball in or just getting it in the court wasn't going to work.
So it was tough, but I was definitely trying to, yeah, be aggressive straight back whenever possible.

Q.  Has this weekend and the last week changed your outlook on the grass?  Next season will you look forward to it more next year?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, I think so.  It's been good.  Again, it's not the round where I would have liked to have got to, but I have to be happy with the way I played.  It's certainly a huge improvement.
At the end of the day, that's all you can ask.

Q.  Is that the first time you played Centre Court here?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  A singles match, yeah.  It was a nice change.  Really good to play out there.  Yeah, great experience.

Q.  How much are you looking forward to obviously having a bit of a break and focusing on the US Open now?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, I'll go home for first time all year since January.  So that'll be nice, to get home and take maybe a week or so.  Certainly a lot of work to keep doing before the hard court summer starts in the States.
At least I feel like I'm kind of back on track now and feeling a little bit better about any tennis again, which is a good feeling.  Now it's just a matter of practicing hard and doing all these things, and then hopefully I can have a good run over there.

Q.  Do you see Bernard Tomic socially?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  No, we don't hang out socially.  (Laughing.)

Q.  Will you make a point before you go of perhaps passing on best wishes?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Oh, if I saw him I certainly would.  He keeps a pretty low profile on the courts these days.
Great win for him, and if he could keep going, it would be great.

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