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June 29, 2013

Agnieszka Radwanska


7‑5, 4‑6, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Tough match today.  Must be pleased to have come through that?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Yes, definitely.  She was really playing great tennis.  Especially she was serving unbelievable.  Even when I have some breakpoints and couple times couldn't do anything.
So she was really playing well.  And, of course, I'm very happy to, uhm, be a little bit better in the end of the third set.

Q.  A lot of people are tipping her to do great things.  Only 18.  You see a bit of yourself in her?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  I think a couple months ago some journalist asked me who is one of the youngest players, you know, coming up and doing some good results.  You know, I picked her.  I think she's very good up‑coming player.  She can really do well.  If she's going to work and play like this, we gonna see her much often.

Q.  How long did it take for you when you played Madison to kind of figure out exactly what you wanted to do against her?  What do you think you did particularly well today?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Well, it was really close.  Every set was really tight.  Well, uhm, I think the serve was here very important, as well, in this match.  So I was really focused on my serve.
Of course, in the second set, uhm, two easy mistakes cost me one set.  In this kind of match, you have to be focused all the time.
In the third set, I think, you know, I just took my chance.  I think she didn't put so many first serves in that game.  So, uhm, there was my chance.  That's why I think I won the set.

Q.  How do you feel your form is heading towards what would be a semifinal with Serena if you both get there?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Well, uhm, now I'm just focused on the fourth round.  So, you know, is still a few matches to go.
Well, I will have played three good matches so far, so I'm open for the next one.

Q.  Polish players have been doing well in this tournament.  Jerzy was in here yesterday saying you helped bring Polish tennis to prominence.  What do you think of how your countrymen are doing?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Well, you know, I'm just very happy to see much more Polish names in the draw.  Of course, Jerzy and Lukasz Kubot today as well, you know, really playing great tennis.
I think now, you know, the Polish tennis, it's a bit bigger.  So happy about that.

Q.  Are you happy to share the spotlight with more Polish players?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  Of course.  I mean, is not good to be alone.  So of course I'm happy for them, because they're really working hard and they deserve it.

Q.  I used to travel the world of table tennis with Andrezej Grubba.  Do you know him?

Q.  I was going to ask you how the people in Poland feel about you?  Do the people in Poland know about you?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  I don't know.  Well, I think if someone likes sport, I think they know my name.  Well, uhm, I think since couple of years on tour, the tennis, it's much more popular than it was, for example, 10 years ago.  Now we can see, like we said, more people in the draw, more Polish names, a couple of Polish players doing really well.
I think now tennis is more popular.  More people are playing tennis.  More kids are on court.  It's great.

Q.  Do you drive a Lexus?

Q.  You played Madison now.  You also played Laura Robson weeks ago.  Can you rate both of them?  What is your take on their games and how they compare?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA:  To be honest, they're playing really similar tennis.  But, uhm, also it's hard to compare because I played on the different surface.  The clay and grass, I think it's different tennis.
But I think, you know, they really both playing really well tennis and really improve since couple months.  So, yeah.

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