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June 29, 2013

Shane Lowry


Q.  What was the story today?
SHANE LOWRY:  I just wasn't there today.  Very disappointed to be honest.  Went out and tried my best, but played my way out of this golf tournament.  I don't think I can shoot a low enough score tomorrow to win.  Yeah, disappointing obviously.

Q.  When you made the birdie on the second, that's the start you want to get; what happened from there on?  You were in the right frame of mind.
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, I hit poor shots.  I mean, putted poorly.  Just wasn't there for me today.  Exact same thing as last Saturday.  Something, maybe I was trying too hard, maybe I was doing something, but yeah, I'm a bit down at the minute to be honest.  A bit disappointed.  But go out and try to shoot a score tomorrow and see what happens.

Q.  The final day, you'll still have a gallery with you tomorrow, because you're such a popular player and former Irish Open champion; what can you do to turn this around?  You did turn it around last week in BMW with a 65 in the final round.
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, I suppose that's all I can do is go out and shoot as low a score as I can.  What more can I say?  You know, probably need to shoot 8‑under I think to have a chance.  Don't think 8‑under will really do it on that golf course in these conditions.  Give it a go and see what happens.

Q.  Was today one of the mysteries of golf?
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, just one of those days.  I mean, like the sixth hole, my first bogey of the day, just one place you don't hit it and I hit it, brain dead, really.  I made a lot of poor decisions today.  Mentally wasn't there, and you know, complete opposite of the last two days.

Q.  You said last week in Germany, you had your arms cut off.
SHANE LOWRY:  I was hitting decent shots.  Just I missed a couple of putts and lost a bit of confidence on the greens, and that's it really.

Q.  Talking to you yesterday, you said you felt nervous before the start of the second round; expectations increased?
SHANE LOWRY:  I was looking forward to getting out there, thing is I'm most disappointed is I didn't enjoy one bit of it and I should be enjoying myself.  There's a few thousand people, my friends and family are watching me.  You know, I feel like, not that I let everyone down but I just feel like if I had shot a decent score and had a chance going into tomorrow, it wouldn't have taken much to shoot 2‑ or 3‑under out there today.

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