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June 29, 2013

Robert Rock


Q.  A third round of 71, tell us about your play today, how do you feel about it?
ROBERT ROCK:  It was going reasonably well most of the way around.  A couple of errors at the end, hit the same bunker again on 18, which was really stupid.  Putted well on the whole but didn't really make that many.
So I felt like I've probably left a few out there, but it was most of the same sort of stuff.

Q.  You haven't been in this position for a while, how was it emotionally out there for you?
ROBERT ROCK:  Fine.  Just nice to be playing at a point in the day that's actually interesting.

Q.¬† Obviously this championship is bumping up quite nice, a couple of guys stretching away a little bit in the lead and they are playing well consistently week‑in and week‑out; do you feel there's a low one out there for you?
ROBERT ROCK:¬† Yeah, I played with Joost a few times and he's playing great.¬† It's no surprise he shot 6‑under today.¬† It will take something to catch him but make some putts on the last day and hopefully get in with a shout.
I need to mention somebody who I didn't yesterday; José gave me a bunker lesson the start of the week, had a lot of lessons this week but that one has really helped, as well.

Q.  José Maria Olazábal, I think we're talking?
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah.  He's pretty good.

Q.¬† What do you think of 10‑under par around here now?
ROBERT ROCK:  It's okay but it's probably leaving me more work to do tomorrow than I would have liked.  I was keeping pace for most of the day, but a bogey, par finish is not really what you need.
So I would have liked to have played my way into the final group, but they set a good pace.  They deserve that position.  I'll have to play a bit better tomorrow.

Q.  Looks like plenty of good things still?
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, I'm playing good.  Short game is pretty sharp.  Putting, not quite as pleasing today.  I hit some decent putts, but they didn't go in, so it's a results business and they need to go in.
But my swing feels great.  I hit some really nice iron shots and some tricky positions today, but you've got some tough shots to take on and I hit them pretty good.
So that gives me some hope that I'm going to have the chances to make the score I need to do tomorrow.  It will be about whether I hole the putts or not.

Q.  Still worth stressing this is a tough golf course, and we had some sunshine today, but it is hard work?
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, it is a tough golf course.  Some of the winds that you get, when they are crosswinds trying to play into certain flag positions on the weekend make it difficult.  But it's a great place here.  I had a look around the other golf course last night, and that is equally as good.  Slightly different, but yeah, it's a good place for golf here.

Q.  Seems nice, the whole setup, and teams come here to practise, and you have the hotel on the place, as well.
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, and it's massive, as well.  There's room for more golf courses I think.  So it's a good place to come and play golf for a few days, as long as the weather is like this.

Q.  Sounds like you had your academy eye in there, as well.
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, a little bit.  But there's everything you need really.  But I was more interested in what the other golf course looked like because I had heard a rumour about it, so I took a drive in a buggy and had a look, and some really cool holes on it.  Maybe we'll get to see that one day.

Q.  I saw you were talking about using an application on your phone for improved putting; still doing that?
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, a lot of golf pros use the products that you get on iPhones and iPads these days.  There's a lot available for golf, and specific ones I use more than most, there's one called V1, and Ubersense is another one, where you can use videos from your phone and edit them and do whatever you want to them and send them on or file them.  I use that with the lads I work with at the academy.

Q.  What is needed for the final day?
ROBERT ROCK:¬† I don't know.¬† Obviously 6‑under is there to be done; that would take the leaders to 19 under.¬† That means I've got to shoot a pretty good score, so I'm hoping they don't do that, and that I might be drawn in level with them with at least some holes to go to give me a chance to post a number, because it's a bit easier when you're last out and you can see what you're doing.

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