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June 29, 2013

Pablo Larrazabal


Q.テつ You started the day four shots behind and by the turn, you had gone out in 32 tied for the lead, what are you thinking on the back nine?
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ Today, we played with a little bit better weather, so, you know, just tried to push.テつ The guys are three or four holes behind, so in the first 13 holes, there are opportunities for birdie, and you're playing most of the holes with helping wind.テつ So trying to push and you know, it worked.

Q.テつ Saw you coming off the 18th green, interacting with the fans, how much are you enjoying the atmosphere of this Irish Open?
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ I've never seen something like on 17.テつ It's lovely to play with this atmosphere.テつ I've never played in Scottsdale, and that's as close as we can get in Europe.テつ That 17th green is an amazing experience, and they were cheering for me, so I love it.

Q.テつ You seem to have been in contention almost the whole of the year; what's needed to get you over the line tomorrow?テつ What needs to change?
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ Finish the tournament on Saturday it looks like.
I've been playing good.テつ You know, the last month, I didn't play as good as the three months before, so I feel that I'm hitting the ball good, and I have to fight for the tournament.テつ I hope tomorrow I can hit the ball as good as these days and hole as many putts.

Q.テつ Your thoughts on such a wonderful round today?
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ Yeah, I started the day four behind, and you know, I like windy days, so I thought to try to play a little bit more aggressive today and tried to make a few birdies and put myself in contention, and that's what I did the front nine.
You know, I tried to push and tried to make a few putts out there, and that's what I did.テつ Today the weather was a little bit better, and I could make the birdies.

Q.テつ At present, the weather is amazing, isn't it; kind of what we forecast at the start of the week.
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ Yeah, sunshine and wind is what I like, so looking forward for a little sunshine tomorrow and a lot of wind.

Q.テつ Did you follow leaderboards?テつ Were you conscious of just where you were?
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ You guys know how I am.テつ I always look leaderboards.テつ I love to see my name on it, so you know, just try to play aggressive, look at the leaderboards and enjoy myself.

Q.テつ You seem to get inspired and thrive when there's a good crowd like there is at The Irish Open?
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ As always, I said I love to play in Scotland, in England, in Ireland, in Wales, they are the best crowds in the world.
So, you know, when there are crowds like this and you're playing well, you are really enjoying this game and this job.テつ It's a pleasure to play on holes like the 17th.テつ It's as close as we can get from Scottsdale.

Q.テつ I appreciate it's hard to know, but what do you think going into the final day, what's needed?
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ Good golf and patience.テつ The birdies are out there, and, you know, just good golf.

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