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June 29, 2013

Brittany Lang


Q.  Great score considering the conditions, I'm sure?
BRITTANY LANG:  Yes, 1‑over par is a great round today in that breeze.  I'm very pleased.

Q.  Was it just the wind or was it more than ‑‑ was it set up and hard to get to?
BRITTANY LANG:  You know, it was more the wind because it was swirling, and it was not‑‑ it wasn't the same as yesterday and it tricked us a few times.  We got in some bad spots because of it.  It was at a little bit of a different angle, and we misjudged it a few times.  It's very difficult.

Q.  When you see a name like Inbee at the top of the leaderboard, especially conditions like this, does it kind of skew how you look at a Sunday?  Is she kind of different than another player up there?
BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah, she does, because she's so solid and so steady.  But, again, it's still a U.S. Open course and if the wind blows like this tomorrow, you never know what can happen.  Chances are she's going to win.  She's to steady, and she's shooting under par in these conditions every day, which is unbelievable.  All we can do is try to keep making birdies, but she's so steady.

Q.  Does that get exasperating having somebody playing that well for this long a period?
BRITTANY LANG:  For me?  No, she's a solid player, nice girl, but we're still out here competing.  She raises our game, so it's good.  But it's still‑‑ I mean, golf is still fun for us, so it definitely doesn't bring us down.

Q.  You know how hard it is to win a regular TOUR event; she's won two majors and looking to go three in a row.  Could win them all this year.  Could you talk about how tough that is out here?  I mean, the competition isn't that easy?
BRITTANY LANG:  No, the LPGA and the U.S. Women's Open have great fields every week.  She's unbelievable.  She's so solid, so steady.  She's long, she makes putts and she just seems so even keeled, nothing bothers her.  Her bad days are so good.  I've known her a long time, and I have a lot of respect for her, but to have already won two major this is year, she's unbelievable.

Q.  How do you balance the fact that you've got to try to catch somebody and the conditions are tough and you want to go for birdies, but how do you balance the opportunities?
BRITTANY LANG:  That's a really good point.  Because you're at a U.S. Open where par is a good score except for Inbee Park; she's 10‑under par or whatever she is.  It's actually a really good point because I'm out there trying to stay short of the back pins, trying to make pars and having good pace, but you're never going to catch her doing that.  So maybe play a little more aggressively tomorrow.

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