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June 29, 2013

Brittany Lincicome


Q.  I would say it's almost as windy as yesterday.  Why was today a lot more difficult?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:¬† I think today was windier.¬† I felt like maybe a lot of the tee boxes were back. ¬†Especially 10 was all the way back to the back left pin today.¬† I felt like a couple of the holes throughout were not the right condition for what the wind was doing on that hole.¬† I think I hit three or four 4‑irons into greens today and they weren't even par‑5s.¬† So if I'm hitting a 4‑iron, other girls are hitting 3‑wood.
So it was definitely windier.  Lot of the holes were trickier, obviously.  Same wind we've been playing, but a lot of the tee boxes were back today, so you're hitting a lot of long irons into the greens.
Unfortunately, that wasn't really my issue today.  I hit every fairway except 18, and I hit a great drive there, just got unlucky and just wasn't picking the right clubs into the greens.

Q.  Would you say this is a course that you actually can go low on tomorrow or would you hope that the leaders come back to you at even par?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:¬† I'm hoping they come back to me.¬† It's definitely out there.¬† I feel like I've been in a lot of good positions.¬† If the wind maybe lays down a little bit for us tomorrow, I feel like it will be a little easier to gain some ground.¬† Obviously, if Inbee and I.K. don't shoot 6‑under again, I feel like I can pick up some ground.
I feel like I'm playing really well, hitting it really well, and I know where the ball's going which is nice.  I just got to get it on the right side of the greens and make some birdies.

Q.  Do you think a little exasperation might be setting in with players trying to catch Park?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Just the golf course, in general, just the U.S. Open this week, it's very grinding.  I haven't left my house that I rented one night this week.  We've either cooked or ordered in every single night because it's one of those weeks that you want to go home and watch tennis or watch some golf on TV and just relax.
I think Inbee's playing a different golf course, which you guys are unaware of yet, but she's on a roll.  There is nothing you can even do.  She's playing so good right now.  Obviously, we wish her the best, but hopefully my game will step up tomorrow.

Q.¬† Is this the kind of day where you played and felt like it's maybe a minus‑2 instead of a plus?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:¬† Yeah, I felt like it was actually 2‑over.¬† I felt like I had a lot of good chances.¬† Like I said, I was driving it well, so it wasn't like I was hitting it in trouble.¬† I was doing what I needed to off the tee and giving myself a chance to get up there.¬† But this golf course, the greens are the tough part.
The fairways aren't necessarily super narrow by any means.  When you get to the green and then reading the green, there are two of us out there on the team reading it together, and we're still reading them wrong.  It's just very tricky.  The greens are very tricky.

Q.  You've won a major before.  You know how difficult it is.  Inbee's won two already this year and looking to win a third.  Can you just talk about how difficult that is?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  I mean, she's getting ready to win three in a row.  I mean, not even that it's a major, but three in a row is pretty outstanding.  I feel, anyway, after the next week you're on such an adrenaline high that it's hard to come back down to earth and play that next week.  Now she's won two weeks in a row and playing fantastic this week.  It's incredible what she's doing.
Obviously, she's driving it straight and making those putts like she does consistently which is awesome.  So, obviously, I wish her nothing but the best, but I'm coming for her tomorrow (laughing).

Q.  In hoping they come back, do you sneak a look at the leaderboard tomorrow?
BRITTANY LINCICOME:¬† I try not to.¬† It makes me nervous.¬† So like even with the cut yesterday and this morning, I thought for some reason it was going to be around 2‑over, because Stacy Lewis tweeted yesterday if you're within 10‑shot rule; I guess that's out now.¬† So I was like, okay, if Inbee's at 9, maybe 1 or 2‑over, so apparently it was 6‑over.¬† So shows you how much I know.

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