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July 10, 2004

Meg Mallon


Q. Thanks, Meg, for joining us again. You carry a four shot lead into the final tomorrow, so thoughts on that, and having a cushion, and then we'll take some questions.

MEG MALLON: There is no cushion, that's the mentality I've got to have. The round today was a lot of fun. It had to do with the pairing I had today. Both of them went out full guns and very aggressive. They kept me aggressive. I knew that they had the capability of shooting way under par also. It kept me really focused on my game.

This is the kind of golf course you would like to get a hold on. I played really well today, very smart golf today, very solid, and put myself in very good positions. When I had the opportunity to make birdie, I did that, with the exception of the one hole. Otherwise, I had two that were a little long. It was nice to see the ball go into the hole.

Q. Beth was here, and she said something to the fact that this was the type of roll every golfer dreams of. How long have you been dreaming of this?

MEG MALLON: The great thing about having experience and being out here a while is you've seen it all, and I've taken mental notes of players that have been on rolls and ridden them, and I certainly have done that myself, so I know you can't ever take it for granted. You can't rest on last week's laurels because you have the next week to play.

Q. She also said that you're having dinner tonight, she might try to get you.

MEG MALLON: I better watch what I eat. We have very dear friends that we stay with in housing in Rochester,

New York. They drove in for the weekend and we planned this dinner about a month ago, so it will be an interesting dinner. I'm sure we'll talk about everything but golf.

Q. I'm not sure if you're aware, but there has only been three women that lost a US Open and followed up with a victory.

MEG MALLON: Yeah, okay. That would be great. I've got a lot of work to do tomorrow before I start thinking about that. You know what, more importantly is I'm seeing the line right now, and just trusting that and rolling it at the hole, and good thing are happening. That's a lot of fun, and it does not happen very often, and that's what I was saying earlier is you have to take advantage of those moments when it is like that.

Q. Are you like practicing on the putting more or doing your normal ten minute routine or not bothering much?

MEG MALLON: I honestly haven't had much chance to practice. I think it's truly a carry over from The Open when I spent a lot of time, all week, on my putting and especially Saturday night before Sunday's round, I knocked down about 100 four footers and started feeling good at the hole. It's really been a carry over of that. I made 25 in a row, but

Q. That was the Saturday before the


Q. What is it about the golf course that helps you get on a roll?

MEG MALLON: It's the condition of it truly. You feel like you can make a 30 footer or 20 footer. Even if you get yourself in trouble, you feel like you can get rewarded and get the ball close to the hole. I just think that when you start feeling it on the greens, you can get it on a roll.

In saying that, you have to be very careful to where the pins are. My caddy John and I have worked really well together to make sure we're on the right side of the pin, we're being smart, we're hitting the fairways in the right places, we have better opportunities, you know, just doing a very good job of managing ourselves on the course.

Q. You talked earlier in the week about (inaudible)?

MEG MALLON: I love them. It was great. It was the first time I've played with them.

Q. (Inaudible?)

MEG MALLON: I like her. She's got a fire in her belly. She hits the ball solid, great putter. She's obviously won her first tournament this year. The thing I noticed about the two of them is they both were so aggressive it hurt them a little bit. It's something they're going to learn. That's not a bad thing to have. It's something they're going to have to learn; to know when to be aggressive. You can't teach that. They've got that, but then they have to develop maturity of the game.

Q. I'm wondering if going into a tournament, can you go in too high after a win?

MEG MALLON: Absolutely. Yeah, I think it's very difficult to come off of a win into another tournament and keep focus. I knew for me this week the most important thing was to get rest. I knew how exhausting that was. I think that's where my experience helped me a lot too. I took care of myself at the beginning of the week and made sure I was ready to play and didn't get the physical exhaustion that would have hit me by yesterday or today. I think I did a really good job of that.

Q. If you were to go in it the other way from a regular into a major, which one would you rather have?

MEG MALLON: That's those are great scenarios. Either way, it's not a bad thing. It's difficult to come off a major win because there is a lot more activity around you the following week for sure.

Q. By the way, you obviously can't be that tired, because you're not hitting the ball very often.

Are you aware that you're actually intimidating people out there.

MEG MALLON: No. That's nice. I guess I'll have to take advantage of that. There are a lot of great players out here, and they're going to be coming after me tomorrow. I don't feel I have that intimidating presence right now. I need to go take care of my business tomorrow.

Q. (Inaudible?)

MEG MALLON: I have not. That's the closest I've come to doing that.

Q. (Inaudible?)

MEG MALLON: I'm going home for five days and flying to France for the next event.

Q. (Inaudible?)

MEG MALLON: No, I have not. You mean the tournament after I won? I don't remember, no. I can't come up with that one right now. Sorry.

Q. (Inaudible?)

MEG MALLON: Meaning?

Q. Overall.

MEG MALLON: That would be great. Certainly, she's set a standard out there, and she's playing some awesome golf right now. It's fun to try and catch her.

Q. Any more questions for Meg?

MEG MALLON: Thanks, guys.

End of FastScripts.

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