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June 28, 2013

Gary Woodland


Q.  2 under 69.  So you're minus 3 heading into the weekend.  Thoughts on your performance today?
GARY WOODLAND:  I played well today.  I really struck the ball like I wanted to, gave myself a bunch of opportunities.  I think I only missed one green.
Unfortunately, I had two three‑putts in the middle of the round.  All in all, I'm playing great and looking forward to a good weekend.

Q.  How difference did this course play this morning as opposed to what you had in the afternoon yesterday?
GARY WOODLAND:  It was a little softer, a little bit more receptive.  Yesterday the wind picked up a little bit in the afternoon.  We had no wind.  We had scoring conditions this morning.
It was nice to go out and play well and get under par.

Q.  I heard players mention after the first round yesterday, they said U.S. Open conditions.  I guess this course hasn't changed much from a couple years ago.
GARY WOODLAND:  Two years ago it looked identical.  The rough, if anything, it's thicker, fuller.  You hit it in the rough, it's a huge penalty.  Fortunately, I kept the ball on the fairway today, and hopefully can do that this weekend.

Q.  Thoughts as you go into the weekend?  Right now Castro's at 7.  Who knows where the leader will be.  Your thoughts as you go into Saturday.
GARY WOODLAND:  I'm in good position, four back.  It's going to play tough.  Weather is supposed to be pretty similar to what it is now.  Under par each day should be pretty good.

Q.  Thanks for your time.  Good luck on the weekend.

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