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June 28, 2013

Robert Rock


STEVE TODD:  Take us through the day out there.
ROBERT ROCK:  Started great really.  I had a short‑ish birdie putt on the 10th hole.
I've been putting a little bit better lately so to start the day with even a 5‑foot putt for a birdie was nice, and I drove it well for the rest of the round really.  Hit some pretty decent iron shots, really good 3‑wood into the par5, which was the fourth.  Hit that to about four foot.  Relatively easy eagle there.
But a steady day, no bogeys, tidy short game to keep it going.  Never really out of play apart from the 18th tee shot when I hit it in the bunker, which I didn't think was in play, but it was.
STEVE TODD:  You were just saying outside that the reason you have not been contending quite as much recently is the putting, you had a little putting lesson on the phone; can you talk us through how that came about?
ROBERT ROCK:  Was frustrated in Munich.  Played really quite well for three days.  Putted awfully and I played on Saturday with Richard McEvoy and he had a little suggestion but also gave me Jonathan Yarwood's number, and he kindly sent me an e‑mail, a V1 e‑mail golf lesson, if you know what that is, and told me really a few things to change in the setup.
So I sent him a video back about quarter six Sunday morning and shot 7‑under.  Unfortunately it didn't work at The Open qualifying quite so well on Monday, but it's been better.  So I'm feeling quite awkward doing it, so on some putts I'm hitting average putts because I'm confusing myself a little bit but on the whole it's been good.

Q.  What is the V1 golf lesson?
ROBERT ROCK:  It's part of the V1 Golf App and teaching system that a lot of teaching pros have.  I use it at my academy, as well.  You can basically record a video and do a voice‑over lesson at the same time, and then just e‑mail it straight to whoever it needs to go to, and draw things all over it.

Q.  What were the basic changes?
ROBERT ROCK:  I didn't have my arms and putter shaft set at the right angle or in line and I was probably‑‑ well, I was holding a little too far up the putter to achieve that.  So I tried to align all that, and if you see me over the weekend during the round, that's what I'm going to do, and if it's not in line, I might miss.

Q.  You sent an e‑mail‑‑
ROBERT ROCK:  I sent him some videos I had on my phone and then he re‑loads that back.

Q.  How manyputts did you have today?
ROBERT ROCK:  I think I had 26 which is as good as I've done in a long while.  I've had 26 putts over the past few weeks but generally all tap‑ins, so didn't really count.  Some have been reasonable yardage.  I've been failing to set the ball on line for a long time, and that did it.

Q.  How has that been?
ROBERT ROCK:  Pretty frustrating.  My last decent performance seems to be‑‑ I played well in Dubai at the start of the year but before that it seems to go back a good while.
A few off‑course things that distracted from practice and then that kind of spirals into your game later down the line and you realise, yeah, should have put the time in that you should have done and have to put more time in to correct that and that takes awhile for it to work.  That's where I'm at now so almost a year down the line, a year wasted.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, a little bit.  It was something that I didn't think I would get to do.  Playing with Tiger Woods is pretty cool.
And after that, I was quite happy with what I've achieved for a while, and then I set about trying to change little bits of my game to hopefully get better and to be in that position a bit more often, because what stood out from that week was I putted really, really well but I didn't really know why and didn't have any sort of framework to my putting that I do for the rest of my game.
So I wanted a system for putting to rely on, and that's took me a long while to work out.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
ROBERT ROCK:  Yeah, it's such a great tournament, isn't it.  I'm unfortunately not playing the British Open, so next best thing for me I think.

Q.  What seems tougher, playing Tiger Woods down the stretch with a tournament on the line, or an Irish amateur with 15 million people cheering him on?
ROBERT ROCK:  I'll never forget that day, playing with Shane.  That was really, really tough.  Yeah, that was probably harder almost, because I did feel like I had some people on my side in Abu Dhabi (laughter).  I don't even think there was one.  Probably pretty comparable, really, different pressures.
STEVE TODD:  Thank you very much.

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