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May 22, 2003

Natalie Gulbis


Q. Good playing out there today. Very interesting Front 9. Can you talk about what was working for you today and what made it possible.

NATALIE GULBIS: Coming into the week, it was nice having a week off. I spent a lot of time working on my putting and working on my swing. I started on the Front 9 and played pretty well and did about the same on the Back 9.

Q. Your playing was pretty good today?


Q. How was the course playing?

NATALIE GULBIS: Today it played okay. We got really good weather. The conditions are going to change tomorrow, and the course is obviously going to play more difficult.

Q. Did you learn anything from playing this course last year?

NATALIE GULBIS: Getting to see the golf course. Last year was my first time seeing the course. I played the course a little too aggressively.

Q. Is there a difference in your confidence level coming into this year compared to last year?

NATALIE GULBIS: Oh, night-and-day difference. When you come here the first time, I mean, we got lost trying to find the golf course and trying to find our housing. We're staying with a great guy this week in housing, and then we've seen the golf course four or five times. That makes a huge difference. You know where to hit it.

Q. What did you focus on coming into this tournament this year?

NATALIE GULBIS: Well, last year I missed the cut, but I left this golf course thinking I was really excited to come back here. I left the golf course knowing my game and looked forward to coming back here this morning.

Q. How is it playing with Karrie Webb?

NATALIE GULBIS: It's great. It's always nice playing with one of the top ten players in the world. She's a great player and great ball striker. When you have three girls hitting the ball well, you kind of feed off each other, which is nice.

Q. Are you going to make any adjustments for tomorrow?

NATALIE GULBIS: Yeah, absolutely, I'm going to go home and eat lunch and watch the end of Annika play and then work this afternoon to get ready for tomorrow.

Q. Did you look at the jumbotron out there much today?

NATALIE GULBIS: No, you know, I saw my father in between holes, and he said Annika birdied the first hole, so I think that made our whole group smile.

Q. Was there any shot out there today that was the shot of the round for you?

NATALIE GULBIS: It was nice to birdie the last hole in front of the fans and stuff.

Q. How is your second season on Tour going so far?

NATALIE GULBIS: Last year coming into this event, I had a couple different caddies, and my caddy, Rick Winn, and I have started from the beginning of the year, and we get a little bit better every week. The better your relationship is on the golf course, it carries over from week to week.

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