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June 27, 2013

Allen Crabbe


Cleveland, No. 31

THE MODERATOR:  If you could start with an opening statement, feelings about the day so far.
ALLEN CRABBE:  It's been a long night, but I can't complain.  I feel like it's still a blessing just to be selected.  This is a great organization.  A lot of names in the NCAA don't get to have this opportunity.  I'm just blessed and thankful to be here.

Q.  Allen, we talked earlier this week, and you said you were going to be able to be a guy that comes in, box down defensively and also as a three‑point shooter.  How do you see yourself with that skill set fitting into the Cleveland Cavaliers organization?
ALLEN CRABBE:  They have a great point guard in Kyrie Irving.  They're a young team.  I feel like they have good youth and good guys around that will help us, help me as a player compete.  And just like I said, just find the areas in my game that need work and go out this and work extra hard at it just to get better, so I can come in and contribute somewhat.

Q.  I talked to Dion Waiters a few weeks ago and he said the Cavs are going to be a playoff team.  They are going to get a possible sixth seed.  What do you think?
ALLEN CRABBE:  I can agree with that.  They're an up‑and‑coming team.  When you have youth and a bunch of guys who has the same agenda, want to win and get to the playoffs, I'm pretty sure you can go far with that.

Q.  Allen, congratulations.  Talk about how your defense can really help, especially in the system of Mike Brown who's emphasizing defense.
ALLEN CRABBE:  I definitely feel I have the potential to be a defensive player.  I definitely also feel it's a mindset that you have to go into.  I know as a rookie you're going to have your ups and downs.  But it's all about the mental toughness.  You have to work through that type of stuff.  I have long length.  If I can learn how to use that to my advantage, I feel like I'll be able to help out.

Q.  Talk about the influence Coach Montgomery, being under his tutelage.
ALLEN CRABBE:  Coach Montgomery, I feel like it was a good decision going there.  He knows what it took to get here.  And that's one of the reasons I chose Cal, and Coach Montgomery expects a lot out of his players.  He expected me to play hard every night.  I feel like he prepared me well.

Q.  Allen, congratulations.  You're going now to an extremely loaded Cavs team when you look at this draft.  Anthony Bennett, Sergey going and now you.  What do you think of the group you're going in with and how can you impact that roster?
ALLEN CRABBE:  Definitely I feel we can come in and help the team, scoring and defensive‑wise.  They have a shooter.  Anthony Bennett is a great player.  Playing against him twice this year, I got to see what he can do and what he's capable of.  I definitely feel this group of guys we're coming in with, I feel like we can contribute.

Q.  Do you know any of these guys off the court?  How do you feel about being able to come in with two other rookies going through the process with you?
ALLEN CRABBE:  It's good to see you have a couple of rookies with you, not being the only rookie.  But just hang out with them.  Get a good feel for them, and when the season comes along you get to meet everybody else.  I feel like we're a young team, so I feel we're going to be able to gel pretty good together.

Q.  I don't want to validate answers here, there's a report you've been traded to the Portland Trail Blazers for two future second‑round picks?  Are you familiar with the Portland Trail Blazers and do you have any thoughts if that is in fact the case?
ALLEN CRABBE:  I mean, wherever I go, I mean‑‑ everything moves so fast.  But I mean, wherever I go I'm going to do the best I can.  I believe in God.  He put me in the best situation for me, a team that's going to help me maximize my full potential.  Wherever I go I'm willing to contribute anywhere I can.

Q.  Is it crazy to sit here and answer questions about Cleveland and all of a sudden a guy says you're not in Cleveland.  You're back on the West Coast again.
ALLEN CRABBE:  It shows how fast things go on in this league.  Like I said, it is what it is.  I'm not going to be upset about it.  My whole dream was to make it to the NBA.  So I'm just blessed to be in this situation.  Like I said, wherever I go, I'm going to develop myself as a player the best way I can.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.

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