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June 27, 2013

Thomas Bjorn


Q.  Is this just a nice continuation of the last couple of weeks?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  I didn't play as well today as I had done the last couple of weeks but I got a good score and that's probably a sign of where I am mentally more than anything; that I feel comfortable and confident and I got a lot out of this round today, and probably a bit more than I deserved but that's the way golf is sometimes.

Q.  We never thought that Carton House would be easy, you know what it was like seven years ago, but that was trickier than we expected for a Thursday, wasn't it?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Yeah, well, when we came here, they was talking about heat wave and sun and all these things and that was certainly not the case today.  Got a little bit tricky today and when the rain came down, it was pretty tough.  It was a question of hanging on and not making too many big mistakes and just take your chances when you got them.  You know, I took my fair share today.

Q.  Is it a markedly different course from when you played it in and won?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Yeah, it's a little bit more open.  You can miss the fairway this time around.  Last time, you certainly couldn't miss any fairways and you were going to be in trouble.  You can miss a few fairways here and still get away with it and make pars, and that's the big difference with the golf course this time and it's a bit firmer, as well.
It's playing a bit shorter.  You know, it gives you opportunities, and there's some par 5s out there that you've got to take advantage of.
You know, yeah, it's played a little bit different.

Q.  Nice playing in the marquis group with a lot of support?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Yeah, there's a lot of people out there today.  It's nice to play with‑‑ I haven't played a lot of golf with Rory, and Shane played really well today, and Rory is obviously had his issues today, but he'll fight back from there.

Q.  As a past champion here, you've played some good rounds of golf, but how good was that one?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  It was nice.  I didn't play particularly well early on and I struggled a bit, too, with my irons, and it was a bit of an iffy round.  But I never made any real big trouble for myself.  I holed a chip there on 16, and all of a sudden I started feeling more and more comfortable.
On the other side there, I actually played some pretty decent stuff.  I got probably a little bit more than I deserved today but that's the way it is when it goes your way.

Q.  Fourth, second, second, in your last three starts, what's behind the form?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  I've worked hard, and I still believe that I can play with the best in the world and I still can Pete.  You know, I needed a few good rounds under my belt, and Sweden started loosening up a bit and felt like I could go out on the golf course and be more comfortable with what I'm doing and have a better idea of where the ball starts.
I think we all search that all the time; that if we have an idea where the ball starts, well, then we've got a good idea of what we can do with the golf ball.  And I just built a bit of confidence from there, and I played well in Austria and I played really well last week.
You know, it just came up a little bit short in those two, and I think when you get in this mode, you just carry on.  That win is the thing that you really want and you just carry on and work hard until you get there and that's where I am at the moment.  I'm determined and I've worked hard, and I've got a good idea what I'm doing.  All the pieces are there to play some decent stuff.

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