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June 27, 2013

Andrew Dodt


Q.  Long way from the sunny Brisbane coast to here.
ANDREW DODT:  It was when it started raining sideways on the back nine.  Weather wasn't too bad but we started, but became a bit ordinary on the back nine, but same for everyone so we had to deal with it.

Q.  How did you find the course?
ANDREW DODT:  I love it.  It's kind of similar to a few courses down in Melbourne back in Australia.  It's well bunkered and you have to hit it pretty good off the tee, pick your right lines and I love that sort of golf course.

Q.  Lots of space?
ANDREW DODT:  Sure, yeah.  But having said that, the bunkers are positioned really well, so you really need to pick a good target and try and commit to that.

Q.  What was the key to your good score today?
ANDREW DODT:  I drove it pretty good.  I hit some good tee shots.  Rolled some nice putts.  Everything was pretty solid.  I'm really happy with the round.

Q.  You haven't won for a few years.  Did you think it might be this weekend?
ANDREW DODT:  I would love to say that but obviously a long way to go yet.  One day at a time, one round at a time.

Q.  How is a 68 around here to start?
ANDREW DODT:  Yeah, I'm stoked.  I played quite well really.  Hit it good off the tee, hit some nice iron shots, rolled some putts, a nice, soul ride round.
The back nine we had some rain coming in sideways, and unfortunately I left my wet weather pants in the locker.  So it was a little bit miserable out there, but we dealt with it quite well.

Q.  Tell me, because everybody expected this to be a much more amenable Carton House and the weather would not be hard at all, so how hard is it playing out there?
ANDREW DODT:  It was hard on our back nine, compared to Tuesday, Wednesday, actually got a little bit of sunburn on Tuesday.
But today, completely different.  You've just got to deal with it as it is which is usually what we expect from an Irish Open.

Q.  But there are a few more opportunities on this course‑‑ I don't know if you were here seven years ago.
ANDREW DODT:  I wasn't here.
Only if you drive it well; if you're in the fairways, sure, there's plenty of opportunities.  But if you're in the bunkers here, you have to sand wedge out.  You have to drive it well.  That's the key, if you can drive it in the fairway, you have a chance to hit the greens, so that's definitely the key.

Q.  How are things since the last time we were chatting regularly, the Nordea Masters with those two holes‑in‑one; I imagine a lot of questions when you finished the tournament?
ANDREW DODT:  That was a good week.  Unfortunately I didn't finish it off but I played quite well since then but just haven't really gotten anything out of my rounds and my weeks.  It's all there.  I'm just going to try to piece it together and see what happens.

Q.  This bodes well, doesn't it?
ANDREW DODT:  Yeah, sure.  I'm would being hard and I'm chipping away at everything, and just got to keep doing that.

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