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June 27, 2013

Bud Cauley


Q.テつ Bud, 3 under 68 the first round.テつ Did you get all that you could have out of that round?
BUD CAULEY:テつ I think pretty close.テつ I hit it pretty well and gave myself some good looks.テつ Didn't make them all but didn't drive it my best either.テつ So I'm pretty happy with 3 under.

Q.テつ Pretty good start on your first nine.テつ A little up and down on the second nine.
BUD CAULEY:テつ It's just with the driver mostly.テつ If you get it in the fairway, you can give yourself some looks at birdie, but if you miss the fairway, it's tough to make par.テつ I kind of showed that on the second nine there.

Q.テつ The last hole, the 9th hole, kind of played that interestingly.テつ How far did you have on your approach shot?
BUD CAULEY:テつ I think I had 185 yards or something like that.テつ So not a good yardage for that end of the day.

Q.テつ You had some sort of odd lie on your fourth shot.テつ You switched from wedge to putter?
BUD CAULEY:テつ Yeah, it was in that grass there, the first cut, whatever you call it.テつ There was some grass behind the ball, and I thought it would be hard to get a wedge on it.テつ So I just decided to putt it down there.

Q.テつ You must be pleased with your round today.テつ What did you do well out there?
BUD CAULEY:テつ I just scored well.テつ Made some putts early to kind of keep my round going, and then scrambled a little bit there coming in and didn't drive it as well as I'd like to.テつ But I'm going to go work on that and see if I can do it a little better tomorrow.

Q.テつ Is how would you describe the conditions of the course in terms of, compared to, say, a U.S. Open layout?
BUD CAULEY:テつ I mean, it's playing tough.テつ It's playing soft, so it's making it pretty long.テつ The rough is thick and long.テつ So you definitely have to strike your ball well.テつ When you get on the greens, the greens are fast.テつ If you get above the hole, it's tough to make putts.

Q.テつ I assume you would take four 68s at this point?
BUD CAULEY:テつ I would.テつ Unfortunately, they won't let me do that. テつI'm going to go work on getting it in the fairway and see if I can play well the next three days.

Q.テつ How difficult is it if you do not get it in the fairway?
BUD CAULEY:テつ It is because it's hard enough to hit it on the green, and even if you do, it's hard to keep it below the hole.テつ So you give yourself a tough putt.テつ Like I said, today was playing pretty soft.テつ So if you get it in the fairway, you can get it relatively close.

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