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June 25, 2013

Wayne Odesnik


7‑6, 4‑6, 6‑2, 3‑6, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Why do you think you were called into the main interview room?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  You really want me to answer that?

Q.  You must have thought you were on the brink of your first victory in a Grand Slam.  You got so close to it.
WAYNE ODESNIK:  Yeah, clearly I'm a little disappointed right now.  You know, it's an honor to be playing here.  You know, I served 6‑5 match point, thought I hit the serve I wanted to hit.  All the credit to Jimmy Wang.  He definitely played great.
Even though it was a qualifier versus a qualifier, I thought it was a pretty high‑level match on both ends.
Just unfortunately it goes that way sometimes.

Q.  You seemed quite upset with the umpire at the end.
WAYNE ODESNIK:  It's not his fault.  Obviously I was a little frustrated on match point.  I think it was match point or one of the big points when I was serving for the match.  Hit a shot, the guy kind of hit a lob, and someone in the crowd screamed.  I asked him a few times to kind of try and control that.
But, you know, it's part of playing on one of those courts, you know.

Q.  How has it been psychologically, given all the developments that happened with the Tony Bosch Clinic and you being linked to that?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  Yeah, I mean, on all accounts, that's erroneous.  None of that's true, so...

Q.  What is your connection, if any, to Tony Bosch and that clinic?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  I just told you.

Q.  You said the reports have been erroneous.
WAYNE ODESNIK:  Yeah, I don't have any connection to it.  I mean, any other question you can ask my lawyer.  I had a retraction from the paper already.  That's it.
This is old news.  This is four years ago, guys.  I mean, I've learned a lot from the things that have happened.  I'm doing the best that I can to move forward.  I'm almost into the Grand Slams on my own ranking.
My main goal right now is to stay healthy and to try and just become a better version of myself both on and off the court.  You know, I'm very thankful to be playing, playing at a high level.
I mean, I've been tested probably in the last three years on a regular basis.  I know this year I've been tested every single month.  I've had an out‑of‑competition test on a regular basis, blood and urine, from USADA.  Those reports, I'm sure you guys can find them somewhere.  ITF, as well, I've been tested, and WADA.  I'm giving my whereabouts to three different governing bodies.  I've never missed an out‑of‑competition test.  I've made myself available for all of that.  I mean, I've done nothing wrong.  I'm as clean as a whistle, so...

Q.  What are your thoughts on the sport's testing policies?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  I mean, I know I've been tested a lot.  Again, I've never had a positive test.  I know Roger and those guys have said they want stricter policies and more drug testing.  I just know for myself I've made myself available for all of that.  I know I've been tested a dozen times out of competition.
So, you know, I mean, I don't know what more you guys want from me.

Q.  You're currently in ongoing discussions with the Tennis Integrity Unit?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  I guess they're in contact with my lawyer.  I've got nothing to hide.  I've done nothing wrong.  I'll be more than happy to oblige with them.

Q.  Just in terms of they've halved your suspension based on the fact that you would help them out with some information?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  This is old news, guys.  We had this discussion last year.  I'm not getting into previous things.
Right now I'm focused on my tennis and focusing forward.  So...

Q.  I thought this was an ongoing thing where you would continue to supply information.
WAYNE ODESNIK:  There's no information to supply.  A few years ago they‑‑ you know, it's old news, confidential with them.  I'm here just trying to do the best that I can.

Q.  When was the last time you supplied information about doping?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  I don't know where you guys got that from.  We've already been through this.  I've got no more comments on that.  You can refer to my lawyer.

Q.  A year ago you said you'd never provide that information.
WAYNE ODESNIK:  I have no more comments on that.  You can refer to my lawyer.

Q.  What have you learned, if anything, about the origin of the reports that you described as erroneous earlier?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  What do you mean by that?

Q.  Have you found out anything about why those reports came out?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  No idea.  You know, I mean, my name was in the papers a lot, and I guess they're trying to tie me to that again.  It's erroneous.
I mean, I went through this four years ago.  You know, they can keep bringing it up and bringing it up, but they're not going to find anything.

Q.  Did you get tested by the ITF after March, after the reports about the clinic came out?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  I guess they contacted my lawyer.  But I'm more than happy to comply with them.  Like I said, I've done nothing wrong.

Q.  You haven't had any direct contact with them?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  Not me personally, no.

Q.  If you could change one thing in your career, what would that be?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  You know, I've learnt a lot in the past couple years, you know.  I really am trying to grow as a person on and off the court.  You know, God has put me in this position where, you know, tennis is a platform for me to try and inspire people, to push through it.  I think I'm pretty good at tennis.
If I'm never on the big stage, like these top guys, that's okay.  I'm just trying to be here and inspire other people to follow their dreams.  Hopefully by doing that I'll have a breakthrough at some point in my career.

Q.  Do you think there will always be a cloud hanging over your career?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  No, I don't have time to focus on negative things.  My focus is focusing forward and on my tennis right now.

Q.  Do you feel it's fair?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  I'm focusing forward right now.

Q.  What is the atmosphere in the dressing room right now?  Some players have come out scathingly against you, Andy Roddick in particular.  I was under the impression you were continuing to talk with the authorities about match fixing and doping.  What's the reaction to you in the dressing room?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  Pretty good.  I think I have a pretty good relationship with a lot of the players.  You know, I practice now in Boca at the USTA center with a lot of the American guys.  They're helping me as much as they can.
I feel it's good.

Q.  Do you speak to Andy?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  I've never spoken to Andy.

Q.  Do you think it's unfair that you have this reputation as a whistle blower when there are a lot of people giving information?
WAYNE ODESNIK:  Well, you're speculating right now that I gave information.  That's not a fact.

Q.  It is a fact.
WAYNE ODESNIK:  Okay, well, obviously your source is...

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