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June 23, 2013

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, obviously it was fun at one point out there.  I got it to 9 and in sniffing distance, and then, yeah, I just kind of (inaudible) it away a little bit towards the end.  It certainly wasn't easy out there.  Breezy, and I guess I just got a little bit too aggressive in certain areas.  Not so much too aggressive, but just missed in the wrong spots, you know.
I think I was still trying to hit the right shot, but I just didn't hit it properly.  So all in all fun week, great reception all week from the crowd.  Everyone was really good to me this week, and certainly it was a wonderful experience playing my first tournament as a U. S. Open champ.

Q.  What happened on 9?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, 9 basically was good yardage, good number.  I was hitting straight at the flag assuming the wind was a little from the right and started it just right of the pin and it kind of bled right on me.  I don't know if I misjudged the wind or if it slightly switched there.  And obviously I've had a bit of hard time chipping in week.  The grass is ‑‑ because it's not as thick as the U. S. Open you're not really putting as much speed into it.  But yeah, I chipped the ball poorly in those situations.
I guess on the back nine or from that point on which I actually holed some good right‑to‑left putts, but missed obviously that five‑footer right‑to‑left on 9 and a 5‑footer right‑to‑left where I knocked the putt past on 14.
Other than that, all good.  Nice to finish obviously with a decent putt on 18.  I guess all in all, all in all a good week.  Nice to be done though.

Q.  Was fatigue at all a factor after everything you've been through in the last week?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I think so.  I think I was just a little clumsy today when I needed to be sharp.  I think the proof's in the pudding, you know.  Getting to 9‑under and having a chance and not being able to kind of finish it out cleanly, I think that probably shows more fatigue than anything.  I'm still able to put one foot in front of the other.  I think I'm still okay, but I guess it's just that little bit of sharpness that I might be lacking.

Q.  Are you playing next week?
JUSTIN ROSE:  That's the plan.  Yeah, I'm going to try and take the next three days really easily, though and treat it as a half week.  Certainly won't get any practice rounds in, but I'm willing to at this point take it as it comes.

Q.  And next week you'll probably go back home?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah.  Then I'll have two weeks off trying to prepare for the Open championship.  So I'm really looking for those two weeks to rebuild any energy.

Q.  Have you thought about Open and Open?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I've thought about it, yeah.  That would be great.  Obviously I think I did such a good job preparing mentally and physically for the U. S. Open that it's going to be tough for me ‑‑ that's my goal basically for the next few weeks is to make sure I'm sharp and ready for Muirfield.

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