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June 22, 2013

Justin Rose


Q.  How you feeling?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Feeling good.  Yeah, yeah.  I'm holding up well.  Good night's sleep last night, and came out, and yeah, enjoyed my round of golf.  Great crowd out there today.  I really felt like there was a few fresh faces, obviously the weekend.  I felt like there was a really great vibe on the first tee.  I got wonderful reception again today.  So just moments like that have really made the week fun.
You know, the golf has been good, obviously, solid rounds.  67, 68, 68, a lot like I did last week.  Last week all my rounds were around 70, and this week just a little bit under 70 obviously due to the golf course.  But if you're looking at being a little greedy, I'd love to have been a couple shots near the lead heading into tomorrow, but still, you never know, get out there, post a number, turn it into a good week.  It's been a good week no matter what, but hopefully we'll finish strong.

Q.  How is the course holding up?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I think the course is holding up well.  I don't see the low scores out there today that we had certainly on Thursday.  I think that's due to the fact that there's probably a five‑mile‑an‑hour more wind today and because of the wind or so the greens are just beginning to get a bounce in them.  So the course is playing well.
If you play a great round of golf, you can still get after it, but if you're off your game, I noticed just looking at the scoreboard coming in a few guys have struggled today.  And I think that's nice when the course plays that well that it's not a given that you can shoot under par and you gotta go out and work for your round.

Q.  Justin, when a guy has won tournaments and then wins his first major, when you're in this position now, does your mindset change, or I don't know, is it a little bit different going forward, like knowing how to make that last hurdle on Sunday after having won a major or does that get overplayed too much?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, there's no doubt, the more you're in contention, the easier winning is.  I've said I always felt the key to me winning a major was to win more regularly, so I kind of skipped that and went straight in and won a major and now I still think it's important for me to contend and to win more regularly on TOUR, and that's my goal every week really.
But you know, I think ‑‑ I like to win tournaments by playing golf, having my head down, playing shot for shot, and I've got my own way of doing things, and just really trusting that, and I've got better at that over the years, and I felt like even when I don't win tournaments, I feel like I finish strong on Sundays.
So yeah, I mean there's no doubt.  I think that just comes with experience, and obviously the added confidence of winning a major may ‑‑ it sort of makes the situations that arise more comfortable obviously.  But you know, still, winning is what it's all about and as a golfer you don't get that feeling all that often, so it's important to take it when you can.

Q.  Can you talk about the 15th hole and what's making that a tough hole today?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah.  That hole eats me up all the time.  I mean that hole, I can't ‑‑ that hole has really cost me this week.  Hit it in the water twice.  It's just an awkward yardage for me today.  I don't have like a 5‑wood or hybrid in the bag, so it's 3‑wood or 3‑iron and 3‑iron has not been getting to the green.  So I'm trying to finesse a 3‑wood in there and haven't made particularly good swings.
But with the ground being a little firmer now, anything that's hit going left is going to bounce into the water.  And this year they've shaved a little bit of the rough down, which I think is a great play, actually because if you hit a bad shot, it's going in the water, but if you hit a good shot, it runs off the bank.  There's enough grass to hold it up.  So I think the roll is playing really well.  But it's a very short hole, but the pin placements are incredibly difficult, too.

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