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June 23, 2013

Webb Simpson


Q.テつ Webb, that's some great golf on a Sunday.テつ Wow, six birdies against just one bogey.テつ Had a chance at 17, but then you finished it off with that great birdie at 18.
WEBB SIMPSON:テつ Yeah. テつIt was a great day.テつ Pretty thankful just to finish strong in what's been a long two weeks.
I played great today.テつ Got off to a rocky start with a bogey at the first, but other than that, it was pretty solid.

Q.テつ Tell me about the change in conditions and how you adapted to them out there today.
WEBB SIMPSON:テつ Well, you know, we've been lucky in the sense that it's been the same every day.テつ It's gotten windier and the course has become more firm as the day has progressed.
Today, same thing happened. テつWe're starting to see our shoe prints on the last few holes, so it's going to get tough for the guys.

Q.テつ Do you think the 9 will try to hang in there down the stretch?
WEBB SIMPSON:テつ I doubt it.テつ They're playing some good golf, and the holes coming in are playing short.テつ So it was a good way to finish, but I don't think I'll have a chance /TA*.

Q.テつ But you reflect back, overall a great week here in Cromwell, Connecticut?
WEBB SIMPSON:テつ Yeah.テつ Overall a great week.テつ I love playing here.テつ Always love getting around this golf course and looking forward to next year.

Q.テつ Great playing, Webb.テつ Thanks.

Q.テつ Webb, what's your mindset at this point?テつ Good shape, but you gotta wait and watch right now.
WEBB SIMPSON:テつ Yeah.テつ I'm itching to get to my family, so I'm going to head to the airport.テつ I'll watch the scores, obviously, but I don't think it's going to be good enough.

Q.テつ You bogeyed the first hole and then you really started getting it going.テつ What clicked after the bogey?
WEBB SIMPSON:テつ Well, I didn't really play a bad first hole.テつ I pulled my second shot just a little bit, and that was kind of my only blemish of the day, and it was nice to bounce back with a birdie on 2.
But I told myself all day it was going to play tough and going to continue to get windier and more firm, so I was able to just stay patient and I was able to make birdies where I needed to.

Q.テつ Last night did you feel you could kind of go low?
WEBB SIMPSON:テつ A little bit.テつ I knew the forecast was 10 to 20‑mile‑per‑hour winds, so I knew it was going to be tough, but I knew at the same time a good round would go a long ways.

Q.テつ With that said about the conditions, there's no hesitation ‑‑ I know you want to see your family, but there's no thinking that guys could continue to have trouble getting birds here?
WEBB SIMPSON:テつ I don't think so.テつ With 15, 17, 18 playing straight downwind, you know, it would surprise me.テつ It would shock me to see all them come back.テつ So I'm going to head out, and I'll be watching my phone, of course.

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