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June 23, 2013

Paul Wearing


PAUL WEARING:  Made a few mistakes and tried to push a bit more and made more, a bit disappointing, but knocking on the door again, so pretty happy.

Q.  Elaborate on giving yourself that chance, because those birdies were being sunk and nobody was racing away?
PAUL WEARING:  I didn't even look at the leaderboards or anything.  I didn't really know to be honest.  I got to 16‑under through 13 holes, and then 14, I haven't hit that far away or hit that green in regulation all week, just doesn't suit my eye, played a couple over par, made bogey down there, tried to force a putt on 15, made bogey, and then obviously I took 16 on, got up against the tree stump, took an unplayable and made bogey.
It was nice to still string a few together.  My mind can stay quite empty now.  When I get under pressure, I can get into position now, so I feel pretty good.  Again a little bit disappointed to probably finish outside the Top‑10, but decent week overall.

Q.  And it's not bad decision making, is it?  It's a case of you know, even not looking at leaderboards, you'll appreciate what you have to do just to advance?
PAUL WEARING:  Yeah, I don't think it's bad decision making.  14, I just don't like the golf hole.  Just hit a couple of bad shots.  15, I just hit a bit of‑‑ putter has gone out of my hand and 16 I took it on, which I got criticized for not taking it on in Austria and making double and I took it on here and made bogey.
It's hard to say, what's the right or wrong decision.  If I made birdie on both of those attempts, no one would say anything.  But you feel that you make the right decision, you're not going to try to make a wrong decision; you feel like you make the right decision and doesn't come off, just one of those things now.
Some big weeks now so play myself into some form again and push forward.

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