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June 23, 2005

Meg Mallon


MEG MALLON: I am elated, even par in first round of the U.S. Open. I am thrilled about it and it's a better start than I anticipated, so I am excited to be in this position.

Q. You had said yesterday that the driver was a thing you were searching for. I think you had 71 percent --

MEG MALLON: A lot more. Actually, I actually had hit the first cut twice, too, so I count that as a fairway, too.

It was definitely my most improved club in the bag today.

Q. One of your better rounds in recent months, would you say?

MEG MALLON: Absolutely. It was just so nice and normal. I hit fairway and greens. I had birdie opportunities. A couple of mistakes where I short-sided myself and just took my lumps and took my bogeys. Kind of disappointed about bogeying the last hole, but I think probably the average score will probably be 5 on that hole. But I certainly had opportunity to par that.

Q. Let's go over your birdies and bogeys.

MEG MALLON: 7-iron to about six feet, made that for birdie.

No. 9, I hit 5-iron over the green, had a difficult little chip shot and hit it just a little too far. I had about a 12-footer coming back. Actually hit the putt I wanted to hit and it didn't go in the hole. It just stayed right outside of it, made bogey there.

Came back and bogeyed 10. I hit it in the fairway bunker and hit a pretty good bunker shot out about 15 yards short of the green. Just a little pitch up the hill and got a little too aggressive with it, hit it about ten feet past the hole, two-putted for bogey there.

Then I came back on 11, I hit a really good wedge shot to about three feet below the hole, made that for birdie.

15, that's where I really short-sided myself on that par 3. Hit it right of that flag and had kind of a funky lie and just kind of took a full swing, flop shot. It came out cleanly and hit it over the green in the back fringe, and then two-putted for bogey there.

16, hit a 7-iron to probably an 8-footer, that I made for birdie there.

17, I hit a sand wedge, almost holed it actually. Hit it about a foot below the hole there.

It is nice. Just like I said, just nice and normal and steady fairways and greens. Some birdie opportunities, but I say that but I also had to play a lot of break, too. I didn't necessarily have any easy putts. Seemed like I was aiming four feet outside the hole all the time. So I don't know if you can get an easy putt on this golf course. I certainly found that out today.

Q. What happened on 18?

MEG MALLON: I hit a 5-wood just in the back fringe, and I hit a good little chip shot down there. Right kind of where I wanted to put it, and the putt just broke more than I thought it did. I had probably about a six-footer for par and just broke right across the hole, and took my bogey there.

Q. The wind, is it going to be even tougher maybe than you thought here?

MEG MALLON: I know how tough it is. I know how patient you have to be and bogeys are okay, just not too many of them. I came back and made some birdies to get it back to even or 1-under. If you just keep doing that, you are right, the wind looks like it's kicking up this afternoon. It definitely will make it more difficult on club selection, but the greens were fairly receptive today, if you got yourself in the fairway. I think that was the biggest challenge for everyone today.

Q. When you play first sound, second round, do you not play yourself out of a tournament -- (inaudible)?

MEG MALLON: You can't get too caught up with someone getting way under par because you feel like they are going to come back a little bit. You really have to play your own game, whatever game you brought out that day and do keep it around even, and not make the big numbers and shoot yourself out of it, yeah.

End of FastScripts.

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