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June 22, 2013

Corey Crawford

Patrick Kane


Boston Bruins – 1
Chicago Blackhawks - 3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Corey, just got to ask you as far as being able to come back to rebound in this game, not just for you but defensively altogether for this team tonight?
COREY CRAWFORD:  I think it was a big effort by everyone to come back, play defensively, block shots, sacrifice our bodies to block those pucks and quickly get on to offense.
Another good game, I think, moving the puck, moving our feet, and getting into the zone.

Q.  Corey, how much do you hear the criticism over the couple of days, and does that motivate you when you get to go back out and do it again?
COREY CRAWFORD:  I'm not really listening to it.  I have a job to do.  Whatever is being said doesn't really affect what I'm going to do on the ice.

Q.  Patrick, Joel was throwing you guys right head‑to‑head against that great D line, right into the Chara defense pair.  I imagine you knew you were going to see a lot of them.  Talk about winning that match‑up tonight and the offensive output you had.
PATRICK KANE:  Yeah, I think against that line you want to be defensively responsible.  They have so many players that can make plays with those five guys on the ice.  But at the same time you want to just play your game.  I think that's the biggest thing when you're out there with them, just play fast, play what your strengths are and try to take it to them.  The last few games have been pretty good in that area.  But they had a good third period there with some chances, so hopefully we can rebound from that.

Q.  Patrick, what is it about your makeup that makes you want to have the puck on your stick in crucial situations and be a difference maker?
PATRICK KANE:  I don't know.  You know, sometimes you catch some breaks.  I think I was in the right spot at the right time tonight on both goals.  I thought I had some other chances, too, I could have scored.  But I think playing with Johnny and Bicks, they create a lot of space, and I've been taking advantage of the space they do make.
I think everyone wants to be that guy in big‑time games, and I've been lucky enough in a couple to step up.

Q.  Patrick, seems like there's a pretty distinctive difference when you're on the ice with Jonathan Toews than when you're not, especially in this series.  What is it about playing with Jonathan that allows your game to flourish?
PATRICK KANE:  We're different style players, but I think we complement each other very well.  We've played together for six years now.  I know we didn't play together very much this year, but throughout times in the past you can look back at those times that we've had success.  He's a great player.  He makes it easy to play hockey.

Q.  Corey, with the position that the Bruins are in, how do you expect them to come out in the next game?
COREY CRAWFORD:  Same way they've played every game.  They've been a tough team.  They play hard, they hit, but they've also shown that they can play that skill game.  We expect another hard game from them.  I don't expect anything different.  It's going to be another tough game, and we've got to prepare ourselves to play that tough game again.

Q.  Patrick, I just want to ask you about Jonathan.  It seemed that as much or more so than any other game, the Bruins were really trying to lean on him and be really physical with him.  Can you talk about how he handled that and how tough it was to watch him sitting on the bench there in the third?
PATRICK KANE:  Yeah, I mean, he's a guy that goes into the tough areas a lot to get pucks, the front of the net, the corners, so he's going to take some big hits sometimes.  But with him you're going to expect the same thing every night.  He brings it every night, whether he's scoring or not.  He's still bringing the same competitiveness and leadership that we need.  That's one guy we're not worried about.

Q.  This is for both of you.  Patrick, you've been in this position before; Corey, you haven't.  To be one win from a championship, what are the next couple days going to be like?  How hard is it to close out?  What's the feeling right now?
PATRICK KANE:  Well, it's exciting.  I think the last couple days even it seemed like forever for this game to come and for us to play a Game 5.  It was a huge win tonight, and we put ourselves in a good position to win one more game.  It's very exciting, I think, but at the same time you've got to try to play like it's not on your mind, play one game and play to win it as hard as you can.  I'm sure we'll come out with a good effort.
COREY CRAWFORD:  Yeah, prepare the same way we have all year.  It's not the time to change anything.  Play our game.  Don't get away from that, no matter what happens.  Play the same way we have all year.

Q.  Corey, you're one game away where Patrick has his name on the Cup.  How much have you already thought about that one game away, or are you trying not to?
COREY CRAWFORD:  Yeah, like Kaner said, it's exciting to have that opportunity.  But can't get too up, and you've got to prepare the same way.  Like I said, prepare the same way we have all year and play the same game.  Don't try and do too much.  Just keep playing the same way we have.

Q.  Patrick, how much pride do you take in the fact that both goals tonight and even one the other night came so close to the net in traffic?
PATRICK KANE:  Yeah, I think one of the things on this team, you want to crash the net, and whether it's bringing it back out and getting pucks there and then crashing it again, it seems to have worked the last couple games.  But they're a tough defensive team.  You're not going to get those chances often, so it was good to bury them.  I think there's still some ice for us to play with out there that we can make plays and try and get some shots on net.  But I think the biggest thing on this goaltender and this team defensively is just to try to get to the net and pick up those rebounds.

Q.  Shaw was saying that it's nice to see you get those kind of goals, too.  Were the guys giving it to you a little bit when you scored like that?
PATRICK KANE:  No, not really.  I think they were giving it to me more about my celebrations.  I kind of took off on both of them.  It's an exciting time, especially when you're scoring in games like this.  I didn't hear too much.

Q.  What will you never forget about that goal in Philly?  And can you describe how badly you wanted to sort of recapture that feeling and to be one win away?
PATRICK KANE:  Yeah, I just remember we were up 3‑2, they scored a late goal, and then I had a couple more chances.  We got ourselves to overtime and I think it was five minutes in that I just kind of threw it on net, got a lucky break, and I think the biggest thing most people remember is that you didn't know whether it was in the net or not.
It was a great moment.  I think it's exciting to be back in that situation again.  This is what you work for all year, all summer, when you're training throughout the year at training camp, whatever it may be.  This is what you work for, this opportunity.  We've got to seize the moment and take advantage of it.

Q.  Corey, your stick work and glove work were pretty obvious tonight.  Giving up one goal, pretty special.  Can you tell us what your defense did to help you out in the scoring chances?
COREY CRAWFORD:  It's been the same story that we've done all year, the great sticks, taking away those passing lanes and just let me play the shot.  Some big blocks, too, throughout the game where guys were coming up with some big blocks.  There was a ton of traffic in front and they were able to get a big block out at the point.  Our guys have done that stuff all year, all year long, playing a defensive game.

Q.  You took some criticism but you said you didn't pay attention to it, but your teammates and your coaches all rallied to your side the past couple days.  How much does that mean to you?
COREY CRAWFORD:  Yeah, they've had my back the whole time.  Our team is pretty tight.  We're not going to let anything affect us, and like I said a million times, we just keep playing our game no matter what happens.

Q.  Don't know the status of Jonathan moving forward, Marian has been in and out.  Talk about the need that falls on you to keep contributing.
PATRICK KANE:  Yeah, you don't worry about that too much.  Hoss has given us some great minutes the last couple games, and Johnny has been playing great lately, too.  You know, for me I don't think about that too much, just try to play my game.  Don't think about the outside distractions or pressure on me or whatever it may be.  You're in this situation, there's going to be a lot of pressure on you.  It's the Stanley Cup Finals.  Like Corey said, we just want to play our game the way we have all year, and hopefully we get some chances to put them in the back of the net.

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