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June 22, 2013

Thomas Bjorn


Q.  Tell us how today has gone, please?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  It was good, I played solid all the way around, hit 16 greens, 12 fairways, so all the way around it was a good day's work.
I felt very comfortable out there and feel like I'm hitting the ball the way I want to hit it.  A couple of loose swings, but I guess all 18 holes, you're always going to have that.  Generally it was just one of those days where it came together and I played well nicely.
The first two days, I played really well, and I needed that round to give myself a chance, and I knew that when I set out today that it was important to find a round in the mid 60s to give yourself a chance for tomorrow and I've done that.  So now we look forward to what's ahead of us.

Q.  Clearly you know this place well and you've got a history here.
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Yeah, I've always played this golf course well, and it suits my eye well, and I would generally say that I've got a pretty good wedge game and that comes in very handy on this golf course.  I don't really need to force the par 5s if I don't want to, so I can play this golf course and rely that my wedges are very good.
And you've got to show this golf course a little bit of respect, because there's a few holes out there that can throw you off, and you can't afford to make too many bogeys on this golf course or you'll be chasing too much.  And it suits my eye well, and I can only say that I've been fortunate to have good results here.

Q.  Different golf course today compared to the 34 Celsius we had on the first and the sunshine yesterday; a bit of rain to deal with.
THOMAS BJÖRN:  It was quite a bit softer.  It makes those long par 4s a little bit harder, but it was still there to be had.  You can throw the ball all the way to the flag today and not really worry too much about it, and the ball doesn't run off the fairways.
So having wet golf courses has its advantages and disadvantages.  And today, the weather turned out nice this afternoon so we were fortunate.

Q.  What are your thoughts and what's necessary into the final day?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  I'm in a stage right now where I'm building confidence.  Early parts of the season, I was very uncomfortable on the golf course and at the moment, I'm building confidence.  And three Top 10s in the last four tournaments has certainly done that, and now it's time to knuckle down and try to win a golf tournament.
But there's a lot of good players on that leaderboard and you have to go out and play well.  I'm just going to try to knuckle down tomorrow and do my best and see where it takes me.

I played well, 12 fairways and 16 greens, so around here, you've got to get your chances, and I thought I played well.  Just one loose swing there on 17, but other than that, it was one of those days that it all just came together quite nicely, played nicely.  You can shoot numbers on this golf course, but I needed to shoot a round to give myself a chance tomorrow, and I've done that.  So looking forward to tomorrow.

Q.  Two times you've held the trophy for BMW, how much would you like another one?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Yeah, well, you always like to win, but it's very tight on that leaderboard so you've got to go out and put in a great performance again tomorrow.  It was nice to step up to the game.
The first two days it's been decent, but not great.  I stepped it up today and that gives you a little bit of confidence tomorrow.  Just got to knock it down and try to do the right things.

Q.  Austria you played well, so you must have felt really good coming into this week.
THOMAS BJÖRN:  I have three Top‑10s in my last four starts, obviously given me a bit of belief that I can do stuff.  I've been driving the ball so well; that's very key for me.  I'm not the longest anymore, so I've got to get the ball in the fairway, and I've been driving it fantastic.  That's what I need to do more, is just keep the ball in play and give myself chances.

Q.  You have Billy Foster, very experienced caddie on the bag for you at Wentworth and this week; how big of a factor is that?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  It's been great.  It's nice to see him back.  He's been out for a long time and a good guy and he's obviously a great caddie, we all know that.
He's one of those characters you want around out here, and it's nice to get out there tomorrow knowing that he's not going to let you down, so that's a plus to have him on the bag, for any tournament, and anybody that's going to have him in the future will be a lucky guy.

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