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June 21, 2013

Colin Fleming

Jonathan Marray


3‑6, 6‑3, 10‑8

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Tough loss today.テつ What were the conditions like out there?
COLIN FLEMING:テつ Yeah, it was the toughest day we played.テつ I thought it was a pretty good match, considering.
Yeah, it was windy.テつ Can be windy down here, you know.テつ That's something you have to deal with.テつ I think everyone dealt with it pretty well.テつ It was a pretty good match.
You know, they pipped us at the end, so, you know, I think it's a disappointing loss, but I think we are in good shape going into Wimbledon.

Q.テつ Have you had the chance to look at the draw yet?
COLIN FLEMING:テつ Yeah, I think we actually play Klizan and Zelenay, I saw.

Q.テつ Are they an established pairing?
COLIN FLEMING:テつ Yeah, both Slovakian.テつ They will be dangerous.

Q.テつ So a Brits/Slovak battle, then?
JONATHAN MARRAY:テつ Yeah, looks like it.

Q.テつ Does that make for a nice atmosphere on the outside courts where you see people rooting for country teams?
COLIN FLEMING:テつ As long as they root for us more.

Q.テつ Obviously.
JONATHAN MARRAY:テつ Whenever we play, whenever I've played there in the past, we have always got a lot of support, especially as an all‑Brit pairing.
Yeah, I'm sure it will be the same.テつ Early rounds in the outside courts, there are a lot of people milling about.テつ People like to watch a bit of doubles.テつ Yeah, I'm sure it will be a good atmosphere.

Q.テつ Have you managed to play much together?
JONATHAN MARRAY:テつ Yeah, we kind of teamed up in February time, but we played a couple of tournaments then, and then I actually got a bit of an injury for about a month or so so we missed that time.
And then we played three or four tournaments and Davis Cup together, and Colin had that little injury problem.テつ Now we have been back playing together for, I don't know, month and a half, two months now.テつ Yeah, playing quite a bit.

Q.テつ Back to this week, you obviously had a great run.テつ What do you think you have done well this week?
COLIN FLEMING:テつ Well, it was a strong draw in the doubles, so it gives us a lot of confidence to have gone through to the final and almost won against, you know, the team today.テつ I think they are No. 2 in the race, so it was a really good team.
I think we both have good sort of attributes to play on grass.テつ Both serve well and volley well, and we like to play attacking, and, you know, the grass suits us.テつ I think we did a good job of that this week.
You know, we had a good sort of mentality as a team, and that got us through some close moments in the early rounds.

Q.テつ As nice as it is going to Wimbledon as defending champion, is the fact that you have 2000 ranking points to defend also on your mind?
JONATHAN MARRAY:テつ No, not really.テつ It's all part and parcel to playing tennis.テつ A year later, the points come off.
I'm not thinking about that at all.テつ I'm just, you know, trying to take, you know, all the confidence I got from doing so well last year and trying to bring, and this week, obviously, getting into the final, and getting some good matches in.
It's a surface that will suit us.テつ Yeah, just looking to try and play our best next week and play attacking tennis, and, yeah, just play each match as it comes.
Yeah, I'm not thinking about the points.

Q.テつ Are you planning to do the mixed, both of you?

Q.テつ Any ideas with who?
JONATHAN MARRAY:テつ I'm playing with Heather Watson.
COLIN FLEMING:テつ I'm playing with Laura Robson.

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