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June 21, 2013

Tommy Fleetwood


Q.  Your thoughts on two good days around here?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  Yeah, it's been nice.  I didn't feel like I played very good yesterday actually but I scored as well as I could have and I holed a lot of good putts.  And today, I put a bit of work in yesterday on the practice round and I felt like I hit it better today for the most part, a couple of water balls on the back nine but that's how it goes.
It's nice to be up there and competing and that's basically where we all want to be.

Q.  We say often, it could be better, but I suppose in your case on the back nine it certainly could.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  Yeah, but bad shots, missed chance, they are all a part of golf and just what you've got to deal with.  You're not going to hit every shot to the best of your ability.
If you hit bad shots on this golf course, you're going to get punished.  As good as the scoring is, if you hit bad shots, you're going to, it's going to cost you and it has done for me.

Q.  Is it a matter of experience, you learn how to deal with those sort of things?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  Well, can't do anything about it.  You put the odd bad swing on it and that's what happened.  I was calm today and I felt comfortable enough that I was hitting enough good shots that I could make up for it.  My putting got me out of a couple tricky spots, so it's just nice to play, when you know there's a lot of birdie chances, you can make the odd bogey and it's nice to be able to get it back.

Q.  You do know you have to shoot low around here; it seems trickier and a bit more modest in scoring?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  Yeah, there's a bit of breeze, and I'm not sure what it was and it definitely seemed to play tricky.  I don't know, we played it in very good conditions yesterday and once you got your eye on the greens, then you can seem to hole everything, but it just the way it works out sometimes, isn't it.  I'm sure at the weekend we are going to have to go low still.

Q.  Is there a battle going on with Matt Baldwin and Matt Nixon, who are up there?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  I haven't seen Matt Baldwin much this week, but I'm sure he'll be keeping an eye on the leaderboard as I will.  Me and Matt Nixon are roommates this week in an apartment, so we'll be having a chat tonight about the way to go forward.  It's good to have friendly rivalries, makes you keep going and keep working hard.

Q.  And you've beaten Matt Nixon once this week already, haven't you?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  Well, we were tied yesterday and I beat him in a game of match play but he still shot one better than me.  I'm not sure which I would rather take, but I told him, I'd rather win the match play, that's how it goes.  But I think today, I think what did he finish‑‑ 8?  Well, it's a little turnaround for you.  We'll have a chat about that later.

Q.  Heading into the weekend, we have seen you in this kind of position increasingly, so more and more comfortable, more and more positive?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  Well, if you're getting up there, you're playing good golf.  It's just a case of you have to learn how to finish tournaments off and you realise how hard it is to put four good rounds together.  You have to play well all four days to sort of win a tournament, and that's what I'm working towards.  The more I keep playing well and keep playing well, you just learn and I'm sure my time will come soon.

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