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June 21, 2013

Marcel Siem


Q.  Your thoughts on today, please?
MARCEL SIEM:  I feel more satisfied than yesterday, because it was a lot tougher to play today, and I think 68 was an okay round.  I think I made three bogeys today, that's way too much.  My irons are not there yet.  I was hitting fades all year last year, and now I hit my drives a lot longer, I hit my high draw, and losing the feel for my iron play a little bit at the moment.
But my wedges are good, so this is the combination of long drives and wedges is actually more important this week than the par3s.  So maybe I should go middle of the green on the par3s this week, because I've made all of my bogeys on the par3s, actually, and 15.  I'm quite happy, only three behind at the moment, so good chances for the weekend.

Q.  The pins were picked way and it has been harder conditions all told, hasn't it?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, it's nice that they listened to me (laughing).  No, it was a lot more fun today.  You had to finally think your way around, and the course showed its teeth, and that's what the course deserves in my opinion.  It was a lot crispier and a lot more fun to shape it to the flags.  I liked that a lot better.

Q.  And yet still plenty of birdies can be made and will be needed over the weekend.
MARCEL SIEM:  Definitely.  Like I said, the gap between Ernie and me, it's shrank by one; instead of four, it's only three now.  The people were super cool today, thank you for that, and yeah, I can't wait to get out tomorrow.

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