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June 21, 2013

Padraig Harrington


Q.  We were just talking about how difficult this course is getting this afternoon.  How pleased are you with your second straight round of 4‑under par?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  Yeah.  I'm very pleased with the score.  It did get windy out there, and it was strange, it was straight in a lot of times or straight down.  It was hard to know what shape you wanted to hit it.  It wasn't helping you to make decisions out there.
And it was up‑and‑down as well, and it sounded a lot heavier at times, so it was awkward, but there were still chances to make birdie, so even if you got caught up with the wind, you still had opportunities to counteract out there.

Q.  You've had some good form of late, tied for tenth at Memphis, tied for 21st a week ago, and a golf course you've also had success on.  How comfortable do you feel out here?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  There's opportunities, but you know, my score is flattering how I played today.  I holed a few long putts out there, so I feel like I need to play a bit better on the weekend.  Can't always rely on holing 20, 25‑footers.
So we'll see.  We'll take it as it comes.  But yeah, I'm not like cheering from the top of the ‑‑ I'm not boasting with confidence out there, no.

Q.  Well, good playing today.  We appreciate the time.  We'll see you on Saturday.
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  Okay.  Thank you.

Q.  You made a couple long putts out there.
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  Yeah.  I holed a couple of long putts.  You know, I missed a couple of short ones, but I holed a couple of short ones, and the greens got ‑‑ they were starting to dry out, got a little bit bumpy there.  So you didn't really want to be left with too many putts.  The two putts I missed were very straight, and you know, it was hard to find the line on them and I just didn't hit some nice putts.  It's better off when you can see a little bit of a line out there and you can have something a bit more definitive.
You know, I'm not complaining about holing some long putts.  Whether I'll do that on the weekend it's always debatable.  It's a bit lucky to hole a long putt.

Q.  You know, you've been a little bit fiddly with your putter this year.  You've gone to the belly putter.  We've seen you with glasses on.  We've seen you with glasses off.  Tell me about the state of your game as far as the putter is concerned.
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  Yeah.  I'm starting to get comfortable.  No doubt about it.  I struggled last year reading the greens, which led to a lot of indecision in my putting stroke, which you know, manifests itself in me giving up the short putter.
I'm trying to be a bit more committed with my lines, and the long putter is starting to help me mechanically get set up and putt better.  So I seem to be trusting it quite nicely.  I'm obviously going to continue to work on it on the range, or on the putting green.  But yeah, I certainly would ‑‑ I hit a lot of putts over these two days, last week, the week before I would have said I had nice freedom in the stroke, and that's what you like to see whether they're going in or not.

Q.  Look forward to seeing you play on the weekend.

Q.  (Inaudible).
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  It was a much tougher day today, so yeah, today's score is certainly more pleasing in some ways.  My 66 yesterday I had an out‑of‑bounds, so that's unusual.  So that was pleasing in itself.  Today it was windier.  I missed a few putts today which I didn't miss any yesterday.  I think ‑‑ but you had to battle hard.  And I think I'm quite good in tough conditions.  I use my head well and I can work my way around the golf course.  So it was definitely a fighting 66 today.  Yesterday's birdied three of the last four holes to kind of get to 4‑under par without me realizing.

Q.  Back‑to‑back 4‑unders for you.  What's the confidence level now going into the weekend?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  I haven't hit it perfect in any shape or form I'd say over the two days.  So it's not like I'm brimming with confidence for the next two days.  But also I'll just take it as it comes.  I'm in good position.  Clearly another two 66s would do very nicely on the weekend, and I'm capable of doing it.  Just have to wait and see how it goes.

Q.  If it's another day tomorrow afternoon when you go off like it was this afternoon, a little bit breezy, scores will probably not be as low as they were on Thursday.
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  Yeah.  You're going to find obviously guys out early will catch up a little bit and the afternoon guys will probably, as usual, have a little bit more wind and greens will be a little bit firming up.
Yeah, you gotta think it would be tougher in the afternoon, but the guy who's going to win this tournament is going to have to continue to shoot under par this weekend.  And while this golf course gives up some birdies, to make those birdies you have to take on some shots.  There's plenty of holes out there with water and some tight pins, but you're still going to have to take those shots on on the weekend to make birdie or you will go backwards.
It's strange that way.  There's no way the leaders can play safe, that's for sure.  So we're going to all have to go forward or we're not going to win the tournament.

Q.  But it's nice to be in one of the last groups, huh?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  Yeah.  8‑under par is a nice position to be.  As I said, probably take another 8‑under on the weekend.  Who knows how that will be done.  You could do it in one round.  You could do it in two rounds.  Who knows.  But I've put myself in position where I'm contending on the weekend and that's what you want.

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