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June 20, 2013

Tim Duncan


San Antonio Spurs - 88
Miami Heat - 95

Q.  Tim, this is the first time you've played the last NBA game of the year and not walked off the court a winner.  When that buzzer sounded, can you describe how unusual that feeling was for you?
TIM DUNCAN:  The obvious word is "disappointing."  Tough end to the game.  Made some bad decisions, missed some shots.  I don't know what to say.  Just give credit to the Miami Heat.  LeBron was unbelievable.  Dwyane was great.  I just think they found a way to get it done.
We stayed in the game.  We gave ourselves opportunities to win the game, we just couldn't turn that corner.  They made more plays down the stretch, bottom line.

Q.  Tim, you guys' defensive game plan was so good all series long.  It was the same one in this game.  So when they start hitting those jumpers that I guess you guys allow somewhat, what is that feeling like?  And do you almost shrug your shoulders and say, well, they're hitting these now or is there something you could've done differently?
TIM DUNCAN:¬† We made adjustments throughout the game.¬† They were making shots.¬† We made adjustments.¬† We closed, we double‑teamed every once in a while just to change the look on them. ¬†They made shots.¬† They made enough shots to put them over the top.¬† Something we were willing to live with.¬† Keeping them away from the basket.
As I said, LeBron was unbelievable.  He stepped up in this last game and he made enough shots to make us change our defense over and over again.  We just couldn't find a way to stop him.

Q.  Tim, is it too soon to be proud of what this team accomplished, not only this year but in this series and to the end or is it still too fresh in your mind the disappointment?
TIM DUNCAN:  It's a hard question to answer right now.  To be at this point with this team in a situation where people kind of counted us out, is a great accomplishment to be in a Game 7.  Or to be in a Game 6 up one and two chances to win an NBA championship and not do it, that's tough to swallow.

Q.  Tim, is Game 6 what you think in the long run the thing that will stick in your mind the most about this series?
TIM DUNCAN:¬† For me, no.¬† Game 7, missing a lay‑up to tie the game.¬† Making a bad decision down the stretch.¬† Just unable to stop Dwyane and LeBron.¬† Probably for me Game 7 is always going to haunt me.

Q.  I know this is early, but are you definitely back?  And do you expect most of your core guys to be back?  Manu?
TIM DUNCAN:  Back for what?

Q.  Next season.
TIM DUNCAN:  I have a contract that says I am.

Q.  Okay.  You don't plan on retiring?
TIM DUNCAN:  Not right now.

Q.  How about Manu?  Are you confident he'll be back?
TIM DUNCAN:  You'll have to ask Manu that.

Q.  Tim, when you slapped the floor on defense there at the end, was that out of frustration or was that just a defensive intensity thing?
TIM DUNCAN:¬† That's out of me just missing a bunny.¬† Got by Shane and had a lay‑up to tie the game.¬† That's just frustration.

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