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June 20, 2013

Manu Ginobili


San Antonio Spurs - 88
Miami Heat - 95

Q.  Manu, just kind of what are the emotions right now after slugging it out the way that you guys did for four quarters and coming up just a little bit short?
MANU GINOBILI:  Of course big disappointment.  In my case I still have Game 6 in my head.
Today we played an okay game, they just made more shots than us.  LeBron got hot.  Shane, too.  Those things can happen.  But being so close and feeling that you are about to grab that trophy, and then seeing it vanish is very hard.  I think that if we would have lost both games like this I would have be a little more up.  But it's a tough feeling.

Q.¬† Manu, how difficult was it to generate offense with Tony struggling the way he did and Danny 1‑for‑12 on threes?¬† Did you feel like you had to do more to generate offense?
MANU GINOBILI:¬† Yeah.¬† The only way for us in a game like this was to push it.¬† We really had to get them unbalanced once they got settled on five‑on‑five it was very hard because of their length and athletic abilities.¬† So we had to push it.¬† So that's what I focused on the whole game.
I think defensively we did a good job.¬† We did what we tried to do all season‑‑ all series long.¬† They just happened to make every shot.

Q.¬† I know it's early and there's a lot of emotions involved here, but your plans about playing next season, can you give a definitive answer about what your plans are‑‑
MANU GINOBILI:  No, it's not the moment.  I'm very disappointed, very upset.  I really can't say anything.

Q.  Tony was on the bench with 23 seconds left.  You guys are down by four and you had the turnover.  Why was Tony on the bench in that situation?
MANU GINOBILI:  We needed shooters.  Pop drew up a play for TD.  I had to cut off him.  And I got in an awkward position.  I was too close to the baseline, I couldn't finish.  So I tried to throw it back to TD.  But the idea was to post it.  So we needed four shooters open.

Q.¬† Manu, how much did Game 6‑‑ it seemed like a lot with you, but how much did it still linger on going into the night for the entire team?
MANU GINOBILI:¬† During the game nothing.¬† Before the game, yes, of course.¬† We all worked hard to forget about it, but it was not easy.¬† But I don't think‑‑ at least in my case, it didn't bother me or affected my game today.¬† But it was of course very tough to sleep yesterday, and we couldn't stop thinking about those two rebounds and those two threes.¬† So many little things that could have gone our way in the last play or the last two plays to win it, that, you know, there's such a fine line, such a fine line between being celebrating and having a great summer, with now feeling like crap and just so disappointed.

Q.  Is that one of those things even like 15, 20 years from now you think you'll still come back to knowing what you guys lost?
MANU GINOBILI:  Yeah.  Yeah.  I had many of those with the national team, with the Spurs.  I think it's part of the job, to say it one way.  There are moments where there's celebration and you forget that you got lucky at a point.  Like, you know, a few shots in '03, '05, '07 that maybe went.  This time it went against us.  And again, we were five seconds away from raising that trophy.  And it just didn't happen.
So at this point it's very hard because we are all sad and disappointed, but as I said before, when there's such a fine line and we were so close of winning it, I mean, everything can be like failure or success just because of a shot.  You understand what I'm saying?
So I am trying to put things in perspective, but it's very hard.  And the next few days are going to be very hard.

Q.¬† Manu, can you just talk about LeBron, the way he hit from outside, including three‑pointers.¬† And when he's making shots like that, is he basically a player that has no weaknesses?
MANU GINOBILI:  He makes it very hard.  At a point we decided to blitz him.  And we were successful for a little bit.  But it's not something that we've done so many times, and at that point he was already hot, Shane was hot, too.  And we really couldn't score much either.
So of course that's what happens when you play against the best player in the world, or it happens with other talented players.
That's why you go back to Game 6, when you have everything under control and were so close and you did a great job.  These things you really can't control.  You can do things better, of course, but I'm pretty sure that we're all thinking about Game 6 today.

Q.  Manu, what was said in the locker room after the game?
MANU GINOBILI:¬† Nothing.¬† Not much.¬† It was not time.¬† We were all very sad.¬† There was‑‑ some individual talking, one.¬† We didn't have a group talk.¬† Pop said a few words, but we are going to have a talk probably tomorrow or the day after.¬† And probably when we are more calm and relaxed and we let it sink in, it's going to be better.

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