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June 20, 2013

Matthew NIxon


MATTHEW NIXON:テつ I wasn't expecting to finish to be fair.テつ I knew I had a good score, I was trying to bring it home the best I could.テつ The scoring is just really good.テつ The golf course is in perfect condition, and you couldn't ask for a better day to play golf.
It's a little bit hot for me to be fair.テつ I really enjoyed today.テつ Yeah, hats off, it was just everything went right, holed a lot of putts and that's that that, really.

Q.テつ We expect some low scores around this course, always do, but what was it, 45 feet at the last for eagle?
MATTHEW NIXON:テつ I had two eagles, and my dad is always telling me I'm rubbish at par 5s so hopefully he'll feel better about that.
Yeah, the greens are pure.テつ It's hard not to hole putts.テつ You just get them on the right line and luckily that one went in and it was a nice finish.

Q.テつ We haven't seen anything much of you since South Africa.
MATTHEW NIXON:テつ Exactly, I got off to a good start and I played nicely down in South Africa and picked up an injury during the time off and didn't practise for a bit and came out to Morocco and wasn't very good, shot 83 or 84, but it was a blessing in disguise because I thought, I don't want to shoot that golf score again kind of thing.
So I've been working really hard with my coach for the last three or four weeks really solidly on it and things are starting to turn around for me and hopefully I can carry on playing some nice golf.
Funnily enough it was in the gym to be fair, picked up a bit of a strain on the ribs kind of thing.テつ I had done it before in previous years and I think just aggravated it, trying to get a little carried away with the weights and whatnot.テつ But I'm fine now.

Q.テつ Is there any fat or muscle on you?
MATTHEW NIXON:テつ Skin and bones, anyway, hopefully we can find a bit of muscle in the coming years.

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