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June 20, 2013

Marcel Siem


Q.  Your thoughts on that score today, please?
MARCEL SIEM:  Not really satisfied.  I didn't hit the ball too well today.  My irons, they went left quite a bit today.  My driver was really, really good, had a few chances.  Stupid bogey on 8.  Bit unlucky on 9, big drive there, don't know how that could stay on the downhill slope there.  13 was a bit of a weird lie in the rough.  I couldn't get it to the hole.  It was like a U.S. Open lie last week, no chance to get to the green.
I think I put myself a lot under pressure today and when I went on to the course today, I was very shaky; it was like France the last four holes, because I put myself a lot under pressure.  I want to win this tournament.  And when you see all this good scoring around you, you feel that you have to hole every putt, but you don't win tournaments in the first round.
So I tried to calm myself down a bit on the back nine and started hitting the ball a bit better.  The 8‑iron was a joke, I don't know how I could hit that shot.  It's a straightforward, perfect yardage for an 8‑iron and make bogey, and just a par on 9.  So I'm a little bit upset but still in the game.

Q.  You're actually more than just in the game, you're in a nice position, when you see the positives for today, that's a good foundation for the week, isn't it?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, 5‑under is always an okay score, but the scoring is really, really, really good, and I hope they are going to put the flags in the corners from tomorrow on, because that was just darts today.  But I think it's good for the spectators.
The spectators want to see a lot of birdies, but I hope it will be better for Martin and myself when not everybody can shoot 8‑under, and only the really, really good players, and I hope they tuck them in the corners.

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