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June 19, 2013

Dustin Johnson


PAUL SYMES:  Welcome to Munich, give us your thoughts about the week ahead, your thoughts coming into the tournament.
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  Obviously coming off the U.S. Open, I struggled a little bit there but feel really good coming into this week.  Had a good day today.  Hit the ball really well.  The course is in fantastic shape and it's playing a little easier than the U.S. Open was.
PAUL SYMES:  You what is it particularly you enjoy about playing on The European Tour?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  I like coming here, Munich is a great city, people are very friendly.  I enjoy hanging out in the city after the golf rounds.  Obviously BMW does a great job here with this golf tournament.  I'm happy to be here.
PAUL SYMES:  How is the jet‑lag?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  I'm doing okay.  Landed yesterday morning, took a little nap when I got in, and you know, I'm fine.  I feel great today.

Q.  Is it somewhat of a relief coming to a course where 17‑under par can win it as opposed to finishing 17‑over?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  I struggled last week.  I didn't hit it real great.  And obviously there, you're just barely off, you get very penalized.  So coming here this week, there's lots of birdies.  And you drive it fairly straight, keep it between the trees, and the rough‑‑ the rough's fine.  I've got no problem hitting out of the rough here.
I can reach the par 5s and a few short par 4s where you're going to get a lot of good birdie looks.  So it's definitely a lot more fun to play.

Q.  Who are you here with in Munich?  Are you just alone or with Paulina?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  She's here, yeah.

Q.  She's very active with the social media; how are you dealing with all of the comments and everything?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  I don't read it.  I really don't.  I don't even read mine hardly.

Q.  You're friendly with the European Tour players‑‑ do you know the players?  If I were to ask you a favourite, would you know one?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  A lot of the guys that play on The European Tour, you see them in the States a good bit, too.  I know a lot of the guys who play out here.

Q.  So what's your favourite, except you, perhaps?

Q.  Every time, you?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  Yeah.  (Laughter).

Q.  And why is it you?  Is it because the course is‑‑
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  Yeah, this course, I think it sets up well for me.  I can get to the par 5s and if I drive it straight or fairly straight, like I was saying before, keeping it between the trees here, I'm going to have a lot of opportunities to make birdie.  I like the golf course.  The greens are really good.  They are at a good pace to make a lot of putts.  So looking forward to it.

Q.  I was going to ask you, the next major course is Muirfield, when do you start thinking about preparing for Muirfield and what will your schedule be like leading into the Open?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  Well, I've got three weeks off after this one, so I will go home‑‑ I'm going on vacation next week, and I'll be in my house, practice a little bit, and then I'll head to Dublin.  I'll go over to Dublin, probably I'll get there Thursday morning probably before the British, hang out there a little bit and play some golf with some buddies there.  Just play some links golf and then I'll head over on Sunday night.

Q.  Have you played Muirfield before?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  No.  I'll get there Sunday and play Monday.

Q.  You've played well in The Open.
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  I've played well the last few years.  I like the golf.  I like playing there.  It's tough, but it's really fair and there's nothing really tricky.  Keep it out of the bunker.

Q.  You played with Nicolas Colsaerts and Bubba Watson last week, the big hitters; did you feel restricted with your game?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  Not really.  Everybody kind of had to hit it to the same spots.  I had it plenty of drivers.  There were some holes where we had an advantage with the driver.  I wasn't off bad; I was just a little off, and there, just a little bit off, you might as well just be way off.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
DUSTIN JOHNSON:  He played pretty well the first couple days, but like I said, the golf course it was brutal and windy and it was really hard to get it in the fairway.  A lot of blind shots going into the fairway.  You can't see the fairway; it's 20 yards wide and you can't see it, so you're aiming at a tree or something in the distance, trying to‑‑ it was just tough.
It's hard not to hit it in the fairway when you can't see it 30 yards wide but when you're playing in the U.S. Open, 20 yards wide and you miss it, you know you're chipping it back to the fairway.  So it gets old after a while.
PAUL SYMES:  Have a great week.

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