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June 18, 2013

Elliott Avent

Grant Clyde

Trea Turner


UCLA テや 2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Please give us an overview.
COACH AVENT:テつ Well, great baseball game.テつ What we knew would happen, what we talked about in practice yesterday.テつ UCLA's going to give you absolutely nothing, and they didn't.
We fought hard.テつ We played hard.テつ We played pretty good.
Their pitcher, I can't pronounce his name, Vander Tuig, he was fantastic.テつ He kept hitting the spots.テつ Kept the ball down, elevated when he needed to and his changeup is pretty tough.
But we fought hard, had our chances.テつ Had that one inning where Jake unfortunately took his eye off the ball, not expecting that kind of throw.テつ And that cost us, and we basically gave UCLA nothing.
Logan pitched very well.テつ But the walks came back to bite us, as good as he pitched.テつ He walked three guys.テつ They walked nobody.テつ Nobody made an error, I don't believe.テつ And that's the difference of the baseball game.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions?

Q.テつ Trea, you sure tagged that ball.テつ Did you think it was out?
TREA TURNER:テつ Yeah, I was dumb enough to.テつ I mean, that's about as good as I can hit a ball right now.テつ And unfortunately, it fell a few feet short.テつ And that could have been the difference in the game.

Q.テつ Elliott, kind of building off Trea's comment, there's been a lot of talk this week already from a lot of coaches, even here about the dimensions and the things of this ballpark.テつ When you see a ball like that fall short, does it kind of make you think that maybe they need to move the fences in here a little bit?
COACH AVENT:テつ That's for somebody else to comment on.テつ I mean, yeah, my guy hit it so I'd say that was a good idea.テつ If their guy hit it I'd say leave it where it's at.
It just wasn't Trea's ball.テつ Saw Oregon State's guy absolutely crush one the other day.テつ Kind of a similar situation.テつ Would have been the game maybe.テつ That's why I know from our conference, Jack Leggett at Clemson has made a big push of probably not going to change the bats, but changing the baseballs to the Minor League Baseball.テつ And that would be less of a change but may create‑‑
And I think if probably something doesn't get changed, I think you will see some ball parks moving their fences in, parks they control, but this obviously is up to the city of Omaha and maybe NCAA.テつ I'm not sure.

Q.テつ Trea and Grant, just if you could describe what made Vander Tuig so effective.テつ And Berg obviously is one of the best closers in the country.テつ What made him so effective?
GRANT CLYDE:テつ Vanderburg (sic), I'd say just working out, up, down, mixed speeds well.テつ No walks.テつ That's always tough to beat.テつ That means he's working ahead in the count.テつ Never going to get you in a hitter's count.
And when we do get in hitter's count, he'd pull the string on a changeup or something that he knew he could get over for a strike.
And as hitters we knew if we went into the eighth or ninth down a couple of runs with David Berg in the pen, it's making life a lot tougher than what it would be.
TREA TURNER:テつ He didn't miss a spot ever unless he wanted to.テつ The only time he missed was up and he did it on purpose.テつ He pitched very well.
And then obviously Berg's, Berg, and he's a stud.テつ He doesn't miss very many spots either.テつ Threw just a couple of balls.テつ His stuff was about unhittable because it sinks so much.テつ They both did a great job and they came out on top.

Q.テつ Elliott and the players, just the emotions, I know you're wrapped in this, the emotions of playing UNC again for the fifth time this season on Thursday?
COACH AVENT:テつ There can't be any thought of that right now.テつ The emotions of this game are what you're thinking about.テつ So that's not even a thought process right now.
What we gotta do is, as quickly as we can‑‑ and it's not going to happen quickly.テつ I'm sure we're going to replay everything we did in this ballgame, myself, the players.テつ And if it's on, they're showing a replay tonight, I'm sure we'll stay up quite late and watch it.
What we've gotta try to do is get up in the morning, it's a loss, put it behind us.テつ The next loss ends the season, and we gotta find a way to go have a good practice tomorrow and come out ready to play on I guess Thursday night, I guess.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thank you.

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