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June 16, 2013

Steve Stricker


Q.テつ Quite a grind out there today?

Q.テつ Talk about that.
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, it was a tough day.テつ It started right away at the second and third holes.テつ I just put a poor swing at No. 2, hit it out of bounds.テつ And then hit a good drive and hit my next one out of bounds, caught it off the hosel and was trying to chase a 4‑iron and got ahead of it a little bit.
And just not the start I was looking for, making triple, and a good triple, it was, on the second hole of the day.
And then you've got to turn right into No. 3 and it's a 260‑yard shot into the wind, and starting 4 over after three holes really wasn't what I had in mind today.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
STEVE STRICKER:テつ You know, I don't know.テつ I didn't feel that nervous, I had a good warmup session.テつ I felt good.テつ I felt relaxed.テつ I was excited for the day.テつ Just the nature of the game, I guess.テつ It puts you in place rather quickly at times.
But still a good week.テつ I competed well this week.テつ I did a lot of good things.テつ Surely not what I was looking for today, but still things I can build on and work towards when I play next at the John Deere.

Q.テつ You have plenty of Major Championship experience.テつ There's an element of theater.テつ It's sport, but it's also theater?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, the Philadelphia fans here were incredible this week.テつ I got a tremendous amount of support, more than usual, I would say.テつ They kind of took to my backside, I guess, and tried to root me along, even after the start I had today.テつ So it was a lot of fun.テつ It was a lot of fun to play here and compete and I had a good week.テつ But still it's disappointing.テつ But the whole atmosphere, the way the course played out was a lot of fun.

Q.テつ You've spoken about taking more time with the family.テつ It's a turn in life, a different approach to life in golf.テつ Do you appreciate these things more?テつ Your attitude towards the Majors, is it any different than ten years ago?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ I'm way easier on myself.テつ I'm not over this yet, but it won't take me long to get over this.
Golf is not the thing in my life as it once was.テつ That was the reason why I scaled back.テつ So I'm excited to go home.テつ I'm excited to do some different things at home and get some time away again and get ready and come back in three weeks.
So it's kind of taken a back seat.テつ I'm fine with that.テつ I'm good with that.テつ Sure, I'm disappointed I didn't play better today and have a chance to win, but, like I say, it's secondary in my life now, or even further back.
We've got kids and wives and other things like that that's more important.テつ So I can get over this rather quickly, I think.

Q.テつ Is the pressure any greater today than in other past experience?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ No, I think it was actually a lot easier today, even though it didn't look like it.テつ I felt more comfortable than I have in previous times I've been in contention in Majors.テつ So that's a good sign.
I'm running out of years, though, I think.テつ It's not getting any easier as I get older.テつ But at least I feel‑‑ the feelings that I have out there are that of calmness, I guess, and trusting my ability.
Like I said, even though that didn't show that today, I still felt good out there.

Q.テつ You have a new schedule.テつ Given your performance this year so far, have you thought of reconsidering not playing the British?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ No, I think I missed the deadline to send in my entry for the British.テつ So I won't be going over there.

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