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June 16, 2013

Hideki Matsuyama


Q.テつ Tied for the low round of the championship so far, how do you feel about how you played today?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ I hit the ball really well today.テつ I still left some shots out there, I didn't putt as well as I liked.テつ Especially the last 17 or last two holes, 17 and 18.テつ I had makeable birdie putts and I wasn't able to make them.テつ But all in all I'm happy with the way I played.

Q.テつ Do you hit it course was easier today than in the previous three days?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ The course setup wasn't any more different than the other three days, in fact I think it was very fair and much the same as we have experienced the last three rounds.

Q.テつ Did you enjoy your experience here and the Philadelphia area and experiencing such a challenging course?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ Yeah, it was great to play here.テつ It was a great experience for me to be able to play a course that was so difficult and the setting was very difficult too.
But to play well the final day has given me a lot of confidence and I'm looking forward to more experiences like this.

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