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June 15, 2013

Billy Horschel


Q.  You're right in this thing.  How does it feel going into Sunday knowing that have you a chance to contend?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  You know what, I didn't have my best stuff today.  Obviously I'm not going to hit 18 greens in a row like I did yesterday.  That's a feat in itself.  But I hit the ball good enough to play well.  Unfortunately, I putted very bad.  My speed was bad.
My perfection side kind of came out in me to kind of have the perfect speed and hit the perfect line, and I haven't done that all this year.  I've been pretty good at just sort of getting up there, just hit the putt, trust what I want to do.  And if it goes in, it goes in.
But my speed was bad, I just putted bad.  And I didn't have my good stuff, but I'm right still in it and I'm happy about it.  I can go out tomorrow and hopefully play a good round and maybe post a number and get off early and see what happens.

Q.  What makes the last five holes here so difficult?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  14, playing that back tee, it's tough because the last two days I've hit little power cuts off the left side and today I'm looking at it and like, man, that tree's right there because I want to hit like a little low power cut and it's right in my eyesight.  And so I just sort of changed, had to try to hit a little draw and hit a straight ball instead.
15, what makes it tough is you can hit it right in the rough just five feet off the fairway and be OB which I think is a little ridiculous.  I think the road should be OB, but it is what it is.  Everyone's played it this way.
16, I think 16's a little bit of a breather hole.  Something you can get a stroke back on.
17 and 18, you got to buckle up and hit good shots.¬† Playing 2‑something a day, 240‑something to that back pin.
And then 18, playing that back tee, you just got to stand up there and hit the best drive you can and then hit the best second shot you can.  So I think tomorrow with the pressure being on I think those holes will stick out even more.

Q.  It's already stressful enough obviously to play a Major Championship, but when you have to play catch up completing your rounds in the early morning, how much does that wear on you?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  It wasn't too bad.  Obviously I didn't have to catch up today at all.  I got to sleep in, which is really nice.  I didn't think I was tired at all when I went to bed, but I feel asleep by 10:00, which is unusual for me.  And I slept straight until 7 o'clock.  So I was pretty exhausted yesterday.
And today I feel rested.  And I know some of the guys that had to come out and play early this morning and then do what I did on Friday.  But, yeah, playing catchup is never a good thing.  It's always tiring when you got to play more than 18 holes.

Q.  The first time you've been in this position, how different was it Thursday, Friday?  Obviously Thursday going into today versus the weekend?
BILLY HORSCHEL:¬† I'm always ‑‑ I always wake up anxious.¬† I always want to get to the golf course.¬† And obviously when I'm up there near the lead, it's even more.¬† When I get to the golf course I feel good.
But obviously it's a Major Championship.  I'm trying to think of it just as another tournament, but it's tough to do that.  But I feel good.  I feel more comfortable coming from behind.  I don't know why that is.  I've always been like that my whole life.  I would like to have the lead going into the final round, that's always a great thing to have, so maybe one day I can.  There's many more years of chances of that for me.  But I feel comfortable coming from behind, I feel like I'm in a good position that I can go out, post a good number, and see what happens.

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