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June 15, 2013

Justin Rose


Q.  Good to see you whistling and smiling.  Those were bears of holes on 17 and 18 today?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, they are.  Absolutely.  I felt a little bit hard done by on 17 for sure.  I hit a great 3‑iron that pitched in the middle of the green and just trickled off a swale into that really terrible lie where you kind of ‑‑ you're really hoping you can make contact.  You sort of ‑‑ I tried to hold down a sand wedge just to try and get as much of the ball as I could with the toe of the club and didn't get any ball.  So that's tough to take.
Obviously, 18, tougher hole, but I hit a good tee shot there, could have, should have made par.  Poor swing with a 4‑iron.  But that is Merion for you.
I'll be in a situation tomorrow where I can play a clean few holes to finish and post a number and you never know.

Q.  Do you feel good generally about the round though?  Obviously you put the last two aside, do you feel good about the way you played today?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Absolutely.  You got to look at the round as a hole and I felt really good about my game, I felt good with the way I felt out there, which is important.
I holed some key putts at certain points in my round.  From about 30 or 40 feet, I left them about a foot short which wasn't bad.  I wasn't putting any pressure on myself with the comeback putts, but I wasn't really running the 30‑footers at the hole.  But hopefully they will go in tomorrow.  But I felt like I putted solidly for the most part and hit the ball pretty well.

Q.  How good does it feel to be in that position now you can go out and you were saying the other day where you really feel like you're ready to win a Major championship and you're right in there in the mix.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Exactly.  Obviously it looks like Phil's going to be leading, only guy under par, possibly.  There's a lot of guys ‑‑ well, there's five or six guys right there.  One or two shots on this golf course can disappear in a heartbeat.  There's a lot of momentum swings out here.  I feel like I'm in great position.  If you would have said to me, Thursday morning, hey, this is where you're going to be entering Sunday, I would absolutely have taken it.

Q.  You were right there down the stretch on Sunday, as holes 14 through 18, how would you describe the difficulty?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I feel like you've got to hit ‑‑ if you hit one bad shot on any of those four holes, it generally leads to a bogey.  They're very unforgiving from that point of view.  So you just got to play a clean, hit a clean ten shots or nine shots right in regulation, two good shots on 14, two good shots on 15, two on 16, one on 17, and two on 18.  If you don't do that, you are really struggling for par.  So it asks the questions, for sure.

Q.  Back to 17, did you think that you had hit a good shot off the tee?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, I was licking my chops really.  It was a 3‑iron in the air, it pitched right on line, and it just got on the wrong side.  The pin was cut right between two little knobs and it just got on the right side of it and the ball got thrown off the green.

Q.  At this point in your career, what value do you place on a Major versus another event?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, Majors are a step up for me now.  I've been lucky enough to win quality PGA TOUR events and lucky enough to win a WGC event.  So the trend for me is into the Majors now.
I would like to become one of the prolific winners before I solely focus on the Majors.  I feel I can do a better job of that.  But absolutely, the next, the thing missing from the resume is a Major now, if you look at it.  But I think that winning more is a big goal.
But, no, I feel like this week's been a good learning curve for me.  I've not stumbled, but I've worked.
Like Adam Scott, for example, he knows exactly what's worked for him in terms of preparation for Majors and I feel like this week's been a big learning curve for me for what I can take forward as well.

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