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June 15, 2013

Cheng-Tsung Pan


Q.テつ The last few days were long, right?

Q.テつ Exciting though.
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ Yeah, it was a tough and exciting day too.テつ Yeah, I played well yesterday in the afternoon for sure and didn't quite finish well this morning, but that's the way it is, that golf is.テつ And sometimes you have good rounds and sometimes you have bad rounds, and you just make good shots to do your best.テつ But overall I enjoyed by day.
On the 18th, people are going crazy for me, so I definitely feel good about that.

Q.テつ I saw you looking at the scoreboard.テつ Were you kind of looking at it like, hey, I'm right there?
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ Yeah, I looked, I love seeing my name on the scoreboard, it's pretty special to me.テつ And it's just cool.

Q.テつ How about last night?テつ Going to sleep knowing that you're still close to the lead and doing so well, what was that like waking up this morning?テつ Take me through your thoughts.
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ Well, didn't have many thoughts about it.テつ I wished I could sleep more.テつ Obviously I was out here like six and a half hours.

Q.テつ What time did you have to wake up?
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ 5:15.テつ And I pushed it to the limit.

Q.テつ As much as you could?
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ Yeah.テつ So didn't think too much.テつ I know if I can win the Tournament, now I'll start thinking about it.テつ But it's only halfway through the Tournament, so it's will still early.

Q.テつ Take me through 17.テつ Tough result, but what club did you use there?
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ The tee shot.

Q.テつ It was a tough pin?
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ Yeah, tee shot I hit a hybrid, 21 degrees.テつ And trying to hit a cut and I pushed it and that's why it ended up on the right side.テつ Unfortunately it was in the long grass and right on the top edge of the bunker.テつ So it's a tough shot, so I tried to do my best and tried to hit it close to the green and it went in the bunker, which is not bad.

Q.テつ Yeah, you almost holed it in the bunker.
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ Yeah, I'm trying to do that though.テつ But, yeah, that was a good shot.テつ But that was a tough putt, downhill fast.テつ But I made a good comeback putt.

Q.テつ Did you debate taking a drop from that area?
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ Yeah, but either way the most I can make is double, so I was going for it.

Q.テつ Trying to make a bogey?
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ Yeah, trying to make a bogey.

Q.テつ What would it mean to you to be low amateur?
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ Oh, well, it would be awesome.テつ Low amateur, I don't know, it doesn't mean that much to me, it's just, I just want to compete with the pro field.テつ I want to see how well I play in the professional TOUR and how I, how much different it is compared to an amateur event.テつ That's what I'm here for.テつ And low amateur, that would be nice.

Q.テつ What does it say about amateur golf, about the fact that there's now three amateurs that made the cut?
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ What do I think about that?

Q.テつ What does it mean about amateur golf in terms of just how competitive it is and how ready guys are like you to break through perhaps?
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ Oh, yeah, I mean college golfers, they're good.テつ And we get a lot of opportunities to compete on the Web.com TOUR, PGA TOUR, and sometimes we qualify for the U.S. Open and we learn things.
Nowadays, we have more experience competing on the pro TOUR.テつ So that pushes you to play well in a big event like this.テつ Those are good players and I know them well and I'm not surprised that they did play well.

Q.テつ Chris Williams was on your team, one of the top amateurs.テつ What's it like playing with him and playing at a top level program like Washington?テつ How does that prepare you for situations like this?
CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:テつ Well, our program is pretty laid back.テつ We practice really hard, we compete a lot during the practice, but it's pretty laid back.

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