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June 15, 2013

John Cohen

Adam Frazier

Jonathan Holder

Ross Mitchell

Wes Rea


Mississippi State テや 5
Oregon State - 4

THE MODERATOR:テつ John, give us an overview from your dugout.
COACH COHEN:テつ Well, I think we were sloppy in the beginning.テつ I thought there were two plays that we just didn't take care of that could have made our lives a lot easier.テつ We had a play at third base where we got a little long with our arm action, and we really want our infielders to miss on the right field side of the bag, and that ball just got away from Sammy.テつ And then we had a ball in the outfield where Demarcus Henderson was just trying to make a spectacular play, and the game is screaming out, we don't need a spectacular play.テつ We need to keep the double play in order.テつ And the only way the guy can score from first is if we leave our feet.
So at that point in time, our club is not feeling great about the decisions we've made.テつ But at the same time this group never quits.テつ They will never give in.テつ The character of this bunch is unbelievable.テつ We can do some pretty dumb things and still find a way to win a ballgame, because of the competitive nature of our kids.テつ And we're really proud of them, obviously.
We knew it was going to take a village of pitchers to get this done.テつ That's kind of how we've done it.テつ And certainly we had Chad ready to go.テつ He did not pitch in the game.テつ I think that helped us a little bit to give him a little bit more rest for Monday.テつ Jonathan came in and I thought pitched very well.テつ I thought Ross pitched very well.テつ And we got some timely hits.
The swing Wes takes is really symbolic of what he's been doing for the last three weeks, really, just been punching the ball in the middle of the field and just getting big, big hits for us.
So we're really proud.テつ We know we're fortunate to win a game.テつ The last swing of the bat in the ballgame really tells you that.テつ That ball‑‑ that ball's pretty well hit, and we benefited.テつ That's how baseball works sometimes.テつ Sometimes the ball falls for you.テつ Sometimes it doesn't.
It bounced the right way for us today.テつ And but it usually bounces a little bit better for you if you have kids who want to compete on every pitch.テつ And I think that's what we have.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions?

Q.テつ Jonathan, was there a brief moment when that ball left the bat that you had a shaky feeling there?
JONATHAN HOLDER:テつ Yeah, I think everybody might have had a shaky feeling there.テつ But left a curveball hanging there for a second, and he hit it pretty good.テつ I thought he might have got it a little off the end of the bat and the wind helped me out a little bit.テつ But like Coach Cohen said, sometimes it falls for you; sometimes it doesn't.テつ And today it was in our favor.

Q.テつ Wes, just your double, you know, they bring in a new pitcher, get to see him face Brett.テつ Kind of what was your approach there, I guess the same it's been all post season?
WES REA:テつ I think he was probably going to go for a strike out in that situation.テつ He was getting swing and miss on changeups.テつ So I just went up there, he's hitting changeups and I was fortunate enough he threw me one in the middle of the plate I was able to do something with.

Q.テつ Wes, going off of what Coach said in the opening statement, you had some big hits in the Regionals and these last few weeks have been that go‑ahead mentality.テつ Talk a little bit about the big hit today.
WES REA:テつ I think it's just when guys, RBI producers like Hunter Renfroe and Adam Frazier, they just‑‑ I think they live for moments like that to get the big RBI.テつ Fortunate enough I've been up to the plate in those situations and I was able to get it done.
So I think it's just something that I take a lot of pride in.テつ When there's runners in scoring position it's something I try to get done on a whole different level.

Q.テつ Wes, I'm wondering what your reaction was to Danny Hayes's hit, and did he have a reaction when he crossed first base?
WES REA:テつ We just won a ballgame, man.テつ I don't really care what he was thinking at the moment.テつ So I was ready to go celebrate with my guys.

Q.テつ Ross and John.テつ Ross, you're 13‑0.テつ And just your thoughts on that kind of an achievement for a reliever that's not a starting pitcher?
ROSS MITCHELL:テつ Well, it would be 12‑0 if it weren't for Jonathan Holder right now.テつ I knew that our hitters were going to get us in the game.テつ At the end of the eighth inning, I was praying, if it's your will, I want us to win right here.テつ I was like, let's do it and glorify you, and God answered my prayers.テつ And our hitters‑‑ Wes got a big hit for us and we finished off the game.

Q.テつ Adam, we talked a little bit about in the previous week about that hit record.テつ You have the single hit record now.テつ How does it feel?
ADAM FRAZIER:テつ Feels really good I guess.テつ I wasn't really thinking about it especially when I tied it with that first at‑bat.テつ But really all I cared about was winning the game today.テつ And that's what we did.テつ I guess to get the record and a win today makes it even better.

Q.テつ Jonathan, just kind of take me through that ninth inning and having to face Conforto and knowing what he had done and the last at‑bat there.
JONATHAN HOLDER:テつ Well, I definitely wasn't going to let Conforto "D" me because he had been pretty hot early in the game.テつ So I was kind of taking like a pattern 2 kind of mentality to him.テつ Wasn't going to let him really get off a good swing and hurt us.テつ So I was all right with the walk there and trying to get a ground ball with the next guy.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thank you.

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