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June 15, 2013

Kawhi Leonard


Q.  Where do you sort of put the turnover issues on what they do or what you guys haven't done?
KAWHI LEONARD:  They're a great team.  They play great defense.  They are causing us to turn over the ball.  They get in passing lanes, making it difficult passes for us.  But it's on us, too.  We have to deliver the passes and be strong with the ball.

Q.  Does that defense remind you of anyone else you have played in the playoffs before?  The way they trap or take gambles the way they do or is it something that's so different you sort of need an adjustment in this series?
KAWHI LEONARD:  The Miami Heat is a different team.  That's why they're in The Finals.  Great defensive team, like I just said.  Their rotations and how they play.  They're doing a good job.

Q.  I know teams drill against traps and things like that.  Have you done more work because of the way they play and their sort of unique approach and athleticism?
KAWHI LEONARD:  Not really.  We haven't really done defensive trap drills on our offense.  You should know how to play the game.  Just got to take care of the ball, like I said, you see the good pass and you make it.

Q.  What did you do yesterday?  Were you able to relax?  Just kind of sit back and think about what was going on?
KAWHI LEONARD:  Just relax.  Have personal time.

Q.  What's your focus in terms of your job defending LeBron?  What are you concentrating on?
KAWHI LEONARD:  Like I said before, not try to give him nothing easy.  Contesting him.  Not try to give him open shots.

Q.  The swings in this series, does it surprise you guys there's no real trend?
KAWHI LEONARD:  No.  This team is coming up big each game.  Shots are falling for each team game in and game out.  (Indiscernible) playing great defense.  That's leading to runs on the offensive end.

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