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June 15, 2013

Tim Duncan


Q.  Tim, the team that's lost a game prior always seems to get that run in the third quarter.  Is there anything you can put your finger on as to why that is?  Is it focus for 48 minutes?  Focus for longer?
TIM DUNCAN:  That's what it's all about right now, is that focus for a longer period of time.  Taking care of the ball, understanding what you want to do and less defensive mistakes.  And for whatever reason, it seems like the team that's coming off a loss has done a better job of sustaining that for a longer period of time.
I hope that's the case for us tomorrow, but we have to find a way to alleviate that, whether it's a win or a loss.

Q.  Tim, because we all think we're geniuses, we are all surprised how each game has really been extreme in the result.  It doesn't seem like there's much way to predict what's going to happen next.  Is it a surprise every game seems like a microcosm of itself?
TIM DUNCAN:  It is what it is.  Two very good teams.  It's seems right now that whatever team kind of gets in a little run at the right time, kind of pulls away.
But fortunately enough we've been in just about every game until a certain period, and then had a situation in both games where we've kind of let them get away, with turnovers and just some bad shooting.
But other than that, we like that we're in the mix in every game, and it's just about kind of getting through that situation where we hopefully don't get a lull in our offense where they can get away from us.

Q.  Tim, can you talk about the challenge of stopping the Heat's star trio when they get it rolling.
TIM DUNCAN:¬† It's tough.¬† It's tough.¬† If they shoot the ball like they did last game, it's incredibly tough.¬† We kept them in front of us for the most part.¬† I think, as I touched on kind of the game before that, I think keep them out of the open court.¬† They got a lot of easy stuff in the open court, some lay‑ups, that can really boost their confidence.¬† Defensively we have to be really on it, really get back and get in front of them.¬† Let them see as many bodies as possible and then continue to play the way we have and hope they don't shoot the way they did.

Q.  Can you recall what your thoughts were when they formed a couple of years ago?

Q.  Tim, Game 4 seemed like the first game where they were really starting, versus other kinds of turnovers, they were getting into your passing lanes.  Is there a point in a series like this where you guys have played so many possessions, what you do can becomes so familiar and that leads to those kind of possessions or is it more of the passes you guys were making?
TIM DUNCAN:  You know, I think it happens on both ends.  You get familiar with what's going on and you get into kind of a rut.  Obviously their defense was rotating kind of perfectly and knowing exactly what we were going to do.  So you have to change things up.  You have to change the pace of things, the way you do things, and in that way it kind of keeps them on their toes.  More than them understanding exactly what they're going to do, I think that's what we have to do in this upcoming game.

Q.  You talk about how they get rolling with Dwyane and LeBron James.  How much of an impact does Chris Bosh have in making it even more complex to deal with?
TIM DUNCAN:¬† They are the Big Three.¬† So when all three of them are playing well and Chris shot the ball well, made some plays on the inside, finishing off of LeBron and Dwyane's passes, it's a huge factor, because that's where 80‑something of their points came from, all three of them.
So he's a big factor.  Obviously he's down there defending me as well.  So that's a big thing as well.

Q.¬† How much do you view Game 5 as a must‑win, given you have to go back to Miami after this?
TIM DUNCAN:¬† It is a must‑win.¬† We don't want to go back down there down a game with two games remaining at their house.¬† It is a must‑win situation.¬† Obviously we lose this game, we're not giving up or anything, but we want to go back up with a chance to finish there.¬† Huge pressure if we have to go back there and try to win two.

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