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June 14, 2013

Justin Rose


Q.  Talk about how you played today.
JUSTIN ROSE:  That was good today.  I felt like I got in a consistent run in the middle of the round, churning out par after par after par.  And then I was giving myself chances for birdies too around the turn.
Then obviously you hit the last five holes and it does begin to feel more of a grind, for sure.
And I dropped one at 15, a 3‑putt off the back edge there.  But I felt like I kept the round together.  Obviously we were racing against the clock a little bit to finish the round and obviously I think that's huge that we managed to get done tonight and get to sleep in in the morning, because I'm going to have a late tee time, obviously.  So that's worth a shot, I hope.  But you're trying to stay in your rhythm when you're trying to finish off a round quickly, but.

Q.  How difficult did the golf course play today as compared to yesterday?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Didn't see much difference, honestly.  I think this course is surprising people how difficult it is.  I can only hope we get some good weather now, get some good bounce on the greens, the greens will get quicker, I'm sure.  There's a lot of moisture in them, but it's going to show its teeth.  But I'm enjoying the fact that the course is holding up.

Q.  Adam Scott spoke out in the week about trending towards a Major.  He felt he was building towards it and finally it came for him.  Your career and his have mirrored each other in a little bit of a way.  Do you feel you're trending toward a Major in a way?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, I seem to be a year or two behind Adam.  But I don't mind that.  He keeps setting the trend.  He's a great player and he's found his formula for the majors.  He knows how to prep for them.
I think I'm still trying to find my perfect fit, but I feel like the way I prepared coming into this event, I feel very comfortable.  I came here Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday last week and only arrived back here Tuesday night.  I felt like that, hopefully that has benefited me, I hope, on the weekend.  I'll stay a little bit fresher.

Q.  You got it in just before darkness.  You go birdie, birdie right out of the gate.  How much did that set the tone for your round?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Came out of the gate holed two 20 footers, really got the round going and I felt like I could see birdies out there because of that.
So I played solidly through the middle of my round, churned out a lot of pars.  I felt like I was giving myself some birdie chances, putts didn't quite fall, but for the most part played very, very solidly through the middle of the round and obviously ended the round racing trying to beat the darkness.  Getting done is such a huge result.  But in the back of your mind you don't want to start hurrying.  So I was working on rhythm, but also trying to get done.

Q.  With how it's playing out there today did you find yourself playing more offense or defense or vice versa?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I think that's what is a beautiful thing about this golf course is you need to pick and choose your moments in which you attack and defend.  And for the most part I kept the round pretty clean today.
I made obviously a couple of bogeys, almost impossible, I think this would be one of the few courses you get a clean sheet around here.  But you got moments where you got sand wedge in your hand and you do need to look at the flag stick or look at the basket, so to speak.
And obviously holes like 18, I drove it in the rough, that was my plan here at Merion.  You're going to try, you are going to miss a fairway and when you do, how can you best make par, how can you best not bring double into play.  So I took a shot out of the rough at 18 and it paid off hitting sand wedge close.

Q.  Now that you're on the first page of the leaderboard, and you are here at the halfway point, 36 more to go, does anything change about your mentality?
JUSTIN ROSE:  No, I good a sort of narrow focus of goals and thoughts this week and anything outside of that is just going to distract me from the task.  So I'm just going to be very focused and that's all I can do really is play one shot at a time one hole at a time and not try to do anything more than that.

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