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August 31, 1997

Magnus Larsson


Q. Magnus, straight set victory today. Can you talk about what happened out there?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I was playing solid. I got an early break in all sets. Broke first game in all three sets. Really helped me a lot. I never had any trouble holding my serve. I was quite comfortable out there.

Q. Were you expecting a tougher match?

MAGNUS LARSSON: We played last time and I lost on claycourt. But I was expecting a tough match, of course. You always have to be prepared for a tough match. But I was feeling good out there. He really didn't have any big weapons, so I got a lot of points on my serve. That helps a lot when you're about to receive serves, when you have a lot of confidence in your own serves.

Q. It's not clear who your next opponent is going to be. If it is Ferreira, what has been your experience with him?

MAGNUS LARSSON: We had a match two weeks ago in Indianapolis where he won I think 12-10 final tiebreaker. Both played a great match. It was one of my best hardcourt matches ever. But I won three previous times. We know each other well. We always play good matches together. Justin, I never faced. Obviously he beat Gustafsson, which I know very well. It's going to be tough whoever I play. I don't truly care who wins. I just have to keep thinking about my own game. If I play well, I have a chance to win.

Q. If it is Justin, he's a hometown guy, has had a lot of loud crowds out rooting for him. Would that affect you at all playing in stadium court if the whole entire body of fans is against you?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I don't mind playing on central court. A lot of people is what you have to expect in New York. I like that. That's no worse. I played evening match against Becker a few years ago. They were really loud. I like that. It doesn't worry me at all.

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